Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sample Models, Bestigor

I've been wanting to do up a second unit of Bestigor for quite a while now. They're perhaps the only unit in the Beastmen book that doesn't require some magical augmentation to reliably smash opponents. I really do not feel like going through all the effort to make another entire unit of these guys: Bestigor/Chaos Warrior Conversion. Also, I really like the new GW Bestigor models. Those two things made my choice of model rather easy.

The real downside for me here is that even though I get to paint some pretty sweet new models; I have to do it in a color scheme that I'm rather sick of painting. I want the regiment to match the rest of my Beastmen army though, so there's little choice.
Despite my tiredness with the color scheme, these two sample models were quite fun to paint up. I wanted to do up a few to see how the color scheme would work on these particular models, as well as to get some motivation going to paint the rest of the 30 strong regiment. These are absolutely top notch models, and there's really nothing negative that I have to say about them. When GW gets something right, it's impressive!
I did mess around a bit with the colors on the metal armor plates. Working in the colors that I've been practicing on the Chaos Mortal models you've no doubt seen on the blog lately. I plan on honing that scheme by the time I finish this herd.

An additional thing that I like about these models, as well as all of the new GW Beastmen foot infantry, is the amount of extra little bitz on them. They really make the unit interesting to look at, and to paint.

Anyways, only 28 more to go...


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