Monday, April 9, 2012

Road to Adepticon 2012 | Part V the Naffatun arrive! [WAB]

Well, The Musketeer Naffatun I ordered last Friday arrived today from the UK, not bad for shipping speed. Always great service from GB (who handle musketeer shipping)
Here they are awaiting Primer.  I will play these as 2 units of 5 models.

And here are the fruits of my labor from the last 6 days, 3 units of cav and 20 more Berber Bowmen. The front models are Armenian Ghulams.  All these are awaiting finishing (drybrushing, Static and Tuft Grasses). I will do all I have left to do for this step at once as that is easier for me.  All the army was done with army painter and then a retouch-up of details, etc. I spent a lot of time cleaning up the look on the cav. These won't be Crystal Brushes, but they will be serviceable for the tabletop.  Lastly are the camels I was doing, I will still finish them for the Crusades Team game on Friday.  Whew, a lot to go still...


Lead Legion said...

That's some haul for a weeks work. They look great. Those are some of the nicest camel sculpts I've seen.

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks! The Camels and Riders are BTD and the shields are a mix of BTD, Musketeer, and Crusader. Plan to paint the Camelry "generic" so I can use them for various lists.

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