Tuesday, April 17, 2012

High Elf Archers

Once upon a time I decided to do up some desert themed High Elfs. At the time I got a bit over zealous, and collected a whole army; then painted up this unit to test out my color scheme.

Color-wise, I was going for light tones. I wanted them to be somewhat muted and pastel looking.I also wanted to do something with purple, since I hadn't played around too much with that color. The end result is here:

The purple tones were done with the old Leviathan Purple Foundation color, mixed down with Bleached Bone for highlights. The whites were done by starting with a Bleached Bone basecoat, then a heavy Devlan Mud wash, then highlighting with Bleached Bone up through Skull White. In retrospect, I think I hit them a bit too hard with the Devlan Mud.

The browns are Scorched Brown for a basecoat, then mixed down with Graveyard Earth and then Bleached Bone for the highlights.  I added the reds in there to try and give the regiment some pop.

The muted/pastel purples and whites don't really draw the eye in the way I would like a fantasy unit to. I typically paint them much brighter, and I typically find that the end result is much more appealing. That was another reason that I went with the reds across the whole unit.
I tried to keep the metals to mostly silver types, rather than golds. That complements all the whites on the robes really well. I did throw some gold colored metals in there just to break up the scheme, and add some variation.  The weapon colors were done to complement the basing scheme. I didn't go for stark color variation there, and I ended the highlights with Bleached Bone; same as that on the bases.

This was the first time that I ever messed around with the tall grass that you see on the bases. It's pretty fiddly, but looks decent once you get the hang of it. It comes in big bundles, and it all starts at about 3 inches in length. The stones on the base are just extra scraps of balsa wood that I had laying around from making the movement trays. I hacked it up, and super glued it on.
That's it for my High Elf fantasies thus far. I still have 3 more units of these fellas based and primed, with custom movement trays; just sitting there waiting for paint. I don't know that I'll ever get to them, but once in a while the urge strikes; so it isn't completely impossible.


Bloomfield Cricket Club said...

Those are simply awesome - they incredibly natural and the faces are fantastic

TrekkerYu said...

Love the wood grain on the bows! I sometimes dislike these models, but with the right paint job they can look great. Definitely the latter in this case.

What are your thoughts on adding bow strings?

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks fellas!

Ya know, I've never even considered sticking bow strings on there. That is a really good idea though. If I get around to working on the second and third units of them, I will definitely add strings to all of them. Idea much appreciated!

Ryan said...

Johnny - have you ever done a tutorial on your movement trays? I Like the height on them and they look super sturdy. I've been busting the balsa wood off of mine lately and it's been pissing me off.

Johnny Hastings said...

That's a good idea. I will put it on the list.

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