Monday, April 30, 2012

Empire Themed Table - Part 7

Apologies for the lack of updates of late.  I'm afraid that preparations for Adepticon derailed my momentum on the Empire table project.  But fortunately things have picked up speed since my return from A-Con.  Here is a brief snapshot of where I am with the various elements. 


The buildings are coming along very nicely and I'm really happy with how they are turning out.  So far I've completed the stucco and the roofs.  That just leaves the laborious task of carefully painting the wood support beams, finishing the bases and a few details like the chimney. 

Here is a close up shot of the wood.  I've painted it up following the color scheme that I used for the mine shaft unit fillers for Clan Blazenbeard.  The details of the colors used can be found here

Sigmarite Shrine

Here is the completed shrine.   After dry brushing the piece with several shades of gray I added some character by randomly brushing on significantly watered down red, brown and green painted in small splotches and then wiping it off with a paper towel.  This is a tip that picked up from a GW article many years back and it's a great way to add slight color variation to break up a wall of gray.  I'm still thinking of adding a base, but that will have to wait until the rest of the table is finished.

Blazing Barricade

I'm eagerly awaiting my order of Armorcast flame/water walls.  I had to order it online after Armorcast failed to bring any of the sets to Adepticon!

Elven Waystone

Here is the finished Waystone.  It was painted exactly as the Sigmarite Shrine except the inclusion of the textured base. 


Here are two examples of the five hills that I finished.    I base coated the hills with Dark Burnt Umber then stippled highlights of Burnt Umber and Dark Brown.  Finally I glued down "Steppe Grass" static grass from Army Painter which is the same as "Scorched Grass" from GW.  I experimented with soaking the static with thinned out matte medium, but it really made a mess and ruined the natural look of the grass.  I will probably try to dust the hills with some some Krylon flat clear coat if I find a little extra time.  Fortunately, even if some of the grass comes off the brown "dirt" underneath makes for a natural look. 

Mysterious Forest

I purchased an assortment of 4 different style of trees from Bachman.  This gives a more natural look to the forests through the use of varying heights and textures.

Using 40mm and 60mm GW round bases I glued the trees to the bases with CA glue.  Once the glue was dry I cleaned up the base of the tree with my new favorite material - Apoxie Sculpt.  Basing the trees like this allows players to move trees out of the way when units move through the forest.

Once the putty setup I glued down some sand down and painted it to match the rest of the "dirt" elements on the table.  Finally I added some static grass and a few grass tufts from Army Painter.  I may add some additional foliage to the bases like small bushes.   My plan is to really pack in the trees to make a very dense forest and completely block line of sight.  I've never seen a forest of 3 trees!

Khemrian Quicksand AKA Marsh

After I add a few more layers of Envirotex resin I will add some leaf scatter to make it look more like a marsh. 

I also picked up a some really economically priced lakes from WarGamma at Adepticon.  Not sure if I will work them into this table, but at $12 for 3 lakes they are an absolute steal!

 Watch Tower

I almost forgot about the need for a watch tower.  Fortunately, I have two candidates.  The first is the stock standard plastic Citadel Watchtower that just needs a bit of details left to be finished.

Next up is a hard urethane foam tower that I got from a clearance rack at Brookhurst Hobbies many years ago.  After a little recent refurb it's almost ready to roll as it's all painted.  However, I will probably work on the door a little bit to make it look better.  

Of the two towers which do you like best?  I would love to hear some feedback. 


Ryan said...

Personally I like the GW watchtower the best. I feel like it is one of their best building terrain pieces despite the fact that it's been around for awhile.

The second tower is pretty cool too, but seems a little out of scale but that could just be the picture.

Tobias said...

I agree with Ryan, I love the citadell watchtower, a really nice piece of modell. Really easy to convert and add your own touch to aswell if needed.


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