Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Empire Themed Table - Part 5

Time for the next installment of how the Empire themed terrain is coming along. 


I primed the buildings paying particular attention to the inside areas that I wouldn't be able to reach once the buildings were mounted to the bases.  I covered the bottom of each building with CA glue before setting the buildings in place on the base.  I also glued down the extra details like the storm cellar at this point.  After letting the glue dry I mixed up some Apoxie Sculpt and rolled it out into long worm shapes.  I placed the Apoxie Sculpt in the corner where the walls at the foot of the buildings meet the base.  I avoided putting any putty under the door to preserve the illusion that the door could actually still open.  Using a wet finger I gently pressed the putty filling in the corner.  I used a wet finger to "blend" in the edge of the putty and tried my best to eliminate any finger prints.  It's important to have a light touch here as Apoxie Sculpt is much softer and less grainy than other water soluble sculpting putties like Milliput.  Since I will be covering the base and putty with a texture I didn't bother sculpting any texture into the putty. 

With the putty in place I set the base on a flat surface and placed some weights on top of the building to ensure that everything was nice and flat. Once the putty setup for 24 hours I glued sand to the base of each building.  I used industrial sand that you would find at Home Depot.  Then to add some variety to the texture I added some GW sand mix.  

Sigmarite Shrine

I mixed up a little Apoxie Sculpt and filled in where the statue and the base meet.  I also completely covered the blue foam pillar that on which the two statues are mounted.  Finally, using a wet finger and a gentle touch I smoothed out the putty and removed any finger prints.  Once it has dried overnight I may add a little more putty if necessary to even things out.   

Elven Waystone

I rolled up some Apoxie Sculpt and applied it to reinforce the joint between the way stone and the base.  I smoothed it out with a wet finger and removed the finger prints.  Once the putty was dry I added texture to the base in the same way I did for the buildings.

Khemrian Quicksand (AKA Deadly Marsh)

I brushed on several coats of sealer to this piece.  Next I brushed on some PVA (Elmers) glue into the cavity and lightly sprinkled some GW basing material (Badlands?) on the entire surface.  Finally I sprinkled in some craft sand (very find sand available at craft stores) along the corners where the bank meets the bottom.

After a few layers of PVA glue to keep the texture in place I painted up the piece with a base coat of dark burnt umber.  Next I dry brushed it with burnt umber followed by dark brown.  For the areas with limited texture I used a stippling effect to build up the color.  Finally I lightly dry brushed a final highlight of raw sienna on the heavily textured areas. 

Impassable Terrain

I base coated these pieces with Dark Gray followed by a dry brush of light gray.  I will probably dry brush a few more highlights prior to painting the top, flat surface brown (this area will be flocked).


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