Sunday, April 8, 2012

Empire Themed Table - Part 4

Picking up where I left off last time I want to update you on the various pieces of terrain that I'm working on.


I scoured over the three buildings filling in bubbles and gaps and generally making it look a bit better.  This was the first time I had a chance to use Liquid Greenstuff on such a large scale and for such a long period of time.  I really like the way it cleans up with water.  While it works adequately enough it simply takes to long to fill anything other than the tiniest bubbles.  For the bigger areas I turned to the old stand-by Green Stuff.

Next I cut out the three MDF bases and sanded then so they have a nice, soft edge.  I then sealed up both sides of the bases using Multi Purpose Sealer from DecoArt to reduce potential warpage from laying on so much glue and paint.   

 Here are the assembled buildings all cleaned up and placed (not glued) on their bases.  You may also notice that I've added some additional details like the storm cellar entrance.  After I finish puttying the bases I am planning to add more details like barrels before applying the texture.  I'm really liking the way the buildings are coming together.  Long term I can see myself adding a barn, blacksmith shop or a stable to grown the village.
Elven Waystone

After gluing the waystone up I applied some wood putty and gave it a final sanding with 320 grit sandpaper to get a nice, smooth finish.  I will definitely need to add a little putty around the base to give more strength.  Using a ball point pen I drew two High Elf symbols from the army book on two opposite sides of the waystone.  Then I took the pen and engraved the symbol into the foam to give it a chiseled look. Ironically, I did not use any of the hot wire tools to make the waystone.  

The hills have been all sanded up with 320 grit sandpaper and are now ready for texture.  As you can see in the picture I've made 3 - 1/2" hills and 2 - 1" stepped hills.  I'm still not sure whether I will apply sand or static grass over the hill yet.  

Scree Slope

The basic framework under the scree slope is ready to roll.  Next I will add pine bark or cork to the front edge to give it a rocky crag look.  I'm also debating whether to add a small mine shaft entrance to the front to continue with the trading post theme and to tie it back to my Dwarfs.

Temple of Skulls

Thinking more about this it really wouldn't make sense that there is a huge Temple of Skulls near this small Empire village.  Since I'm also not a big fan of the GW skull motif showcased in all of their terrain I've ruled out using the Citadel Temple of Skulls plastic kit.  Instead I'm still thinking about recessing the small Alter of Evil to the top of this monstrous 2" hill.  It would be much smaller and understated, the kind of evil monument that could reasonably go unnoticed.

Mysterious Forest

Not much here other than I have cut out the MDF bases and rounded over their edges.  Each base is approximately 9" long and 6" wide.  Next I will being searching for reasonably priced and good looking coniferous trees to fill up the bases so that they actually block line of sight.  My plan is to go with various heights and colors to add a more realistic look to the forests. 

Khemrian Quicksand (AKA Marsh or Pond)

Here is a piece that has not been included before.  Having learned a few valuable lessons from last years table (what not to do) I've decided to build this with a different approach.  I started by making a standard 1/2" hill using the foam and 1/8" hardboard for a base (I ran out of the 1/4" MDF).  After final sanding I drew the inner shape of small pond.  Next I used an exacto knife to hollow out the cavity making sure not to dig all the way down the hardboard.  Next I smoothed over the bottom and sides of the cavity with 320 grit sandpaper.  Finally, I covered the entire surface with wood putty which I sanded down after it dried overnight.  It looks fantastic and I'm sure that after painting it will adequately hold the Envirotex two part resin I will use for water.  But I am concerned that it is setting too high so I will probably try to knock the ridge down a bit to make it blend in better with the table. 

Impassable Terrain

These were constructed like the other hills except I created rocky ridges on the their vertical surfaces using a hot wire knife.  Then I knocked down all the sharp edges using 320 grit sand paper. I'm looking forward to painting these up because all this rocky texture is snap to dry brush. 


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