Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Empire Themed Table - Part 2

Looking over the list of terrain that Jim rolled up I decided that I would build all of the terrain included plus some additional pieces to round out the collection to make it more useful in the future (maybe MWR '13?).  This includes extra hills and everyones' favorite (when done in moderation) impassable terrain.  Time permitting, I may also add a few more special pieces to the collection.


Here is the list of what I'm currently working on, broken out by each terrain type.  I've given a little background for each including how I think I will go about building them.  In future blog posts I will keep this same list and update the status for each.  I may also add new items down the road depending on how I get on with this first lot. 

This was a slam dunk.  As some of you may remember I purchased some awesome buildings from a German company called Pardulon.  Originally I bought one two story building and later rounded out the collection to include a single story and a three story building.  I will probably convert the three story building into an inn.  This gives me three buildings which forms the center of the small town I am creating.  They also perfectly capture the dilapidated look I'm trying to achieve with this terrain.  As I struggled putting the first one together my fingers are crossed that my modeling skills have increased over the last couple of years to the point that the other two buildings will go together easily.  Be forewarned that ordering stuff out of Germany can be a little pricey when they get around to adding the taxes and shipping charges. 

My plan is to assemble and base each of the buildings on MDF.  Then I will use Apoxie Sculpt to build up the base around each building before adding a bit of texture.  Finally, I will paint them up using a similar color scheme to my Citadel Chapel that I painted up eons ago.    
Sigmarite Shrine
At first I really had no idea what I would be doing for this.  There really isn't any resin pieces that would easily work for this.  Then a quick look through my extensive bitz box and scouring Google Images for "Sigmarite Shrine" I came up with the basic plan for a small statue on a large pedestal.  I will be using elements from the Citadel Chapel kit to form the statue and foam to create the pedestal.  The trick will be to keep it modest and understated as a small town would not have the resources for an outlandish and over the top shrine. 

Blazing Barricade
Google Images showed me a good example of where someone painted up a pair of Armorcast "Walls of Water" like flames.  I'm leaning in this direction as this piece of terrain would be usable with any of my existing terrain collections provided I didn't base them or directly tie them into my empire town.  An alternative to this would be to take some standard fences, either Citadel or Pegasus Hobbies, and add torches and Braziers to give them the flaming look.  I'm planning to hold off starting on this to give myself more time for a decision. 

Wizard's Tower
Suffice it to say I have a really good idea for this.  In fact it could very well become the single coolest terrain on the table.  For now I will keep this idea under wraps and I won't be starting on it for several weeks. 
Elven Waystone
One early idea I had was to go with the pre-painted Gale Force 9 Elven Pillars and Ruins.  But then I would lose out on a perfect opportunity to flex my hobby muscle.  Plus it would allow me to make full use of the Hotwire Foam Factory tools that I've raved about dozens of times on this very blog.  I mean, really, how hard could it be to make a Elven Waystone out of foam?

I've been making hills the same way for ages.  Basically, cut out a piece of MDF, mount it to a piece of foam, cut out the foam using the MDF as a guide, add wood putty to the seam and sand it to the desired shape. I will also be making hills of varying heights (1/2", 1" and 2") to give my table lots of options.  What I don't know yet is whether I will be giving it a gray, textured paint job or a grass covered  look.  Fortunately, I have some time before that decision has to be made.
Scree Slope
I'm going to start with a tall basic hill (2") and probably add pine part to the edge painted like rock.  I've never used the pine bark before so I may end up using chunks of cork depending on sourcing and how I get on.  

Temple of Skulls
The obvious choice here is the Citadel Temple of Skulls piece.  I may end up there but right now I'm thinking of going my own route which would be a large hill with the Alter of Evil set into the top.  Since my days out in Southern California I've been a big fan of Pegasus Hobbies.  For the price it's hard to find a better alternative to their extensive range of pre-painted terrain.

Mysterious Forest

I'm going to build basics forests here rather than one of the 5 "special" forest types.  I do have a few of the Citadel Woods that would work but I think I will go my own route similar to what I did for last year's table.  Essentially I'm thinking a piece of textured and painted MDF.  Then I will drop on some coniferous trees mounted onto heavy washers to give a dense, line of sight blocking look. 

Khemrian Quicksand

Maybe I will be lazy and reuse this from last years table?  Nah, that wouldn't be much fun so I will build a new one.  Though rather than going with the desert look I will make it more of a swap that could double as a marsh in the future. 
Impassable Terrain

Though not required for this year's table it's always nice to have a bit of impassable terrain in the collection.  These will be built similar to the hills except they will have almost vertical edges that have a rocky facing.  I will make some of assorted sizes so that they can be stacked to create additional interesting looks.


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