Monday, April 2, 2012

Empire Themed Table - Part 1

As some of you may recall, last year I built a Tomb Kings inspired table for Midwest Rampage.  Since I had such a great time with that I've decided to do it all over again for this years Rampage.  This year I'm planning to run Clan Blazenbeard instead of my Tomb Kings so the obvious choice would have been to build a Dwarf themed table.  But having just spent the better part of a year expanding my Dwarf force I was really craving something different from mine shafts.  Something that would make use of some of the fantastic terrain pieces I've been saving up over the last couple of years.  After careful consideration I decided to go for a small Empire border town that would serve as a trading post between Men and Dwarfs. I'm still working on the back story (yes terrain can have a back story too!) but it's likely I will set the town in the Ostermark somewhere near the Kislev border.

After exchanging emails with Jim my second step was to review the table that Jim rolled up.  Jim sent me a picture of the table with each terrain piece marked with a number.  Then he included a legend which indicates what each piece of terrain is and what their special rules are.  Having the terrain actually rolled up makes for a table that you would see in a typical game of Warhammer, provided you were playing with all the standard terrain rules.  It also makes it easier to reduce the criticism of bias since you are merely building what Jim rolled up rather than coming up with it all on your own  That is important because you play game 1 on your table.  Just in case any of you are thinking that Jim didn't actually roll this up notice the Khemrian quicksand in the upper right hand corner.  That is just too random to not have been rolled up!

Looking over the list I knew that I would be building the the staples of any good table like forests and hills along with a small smattering of the special terrain found in the rulebook.  In the next installment I will get to actual construction.


Rhellion said...

Will all the tables have 10 pieces of unique terrain? Doesn't that slow the game down?

I'm sure it will look amazing, but we also have a schedule to keep in a tournament setting. My only concern.

retroalias said...

Thinking back my Tomb Kings table last year had much less than 10 unique piece of terrain. In fact it may have only had 10 piece on the whole table. So I am assuming that this Empire table is above then norm from what you will see at MWR. Even so all the unique pieces will be labeled and there will be cheat sheets on the table so you don't have to dig into the rulebook.

I'm stoked that you are making the trip down!

Rhellion said...

My Wife is actually making the trip with me as well with her Daemons of Chaos. We're both looking forward to our first MWR. Part of the reason I asked is because she is fairly new and hasn't played with too much mysterious terrain.

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