Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Bunny Challenge

Adepticon is great for many things.  The greatest thing I get from Adepticon is inspiration and motivation.  I ran into an old friend at Adepticon and while we didn't get as much time to hang out as I had hoped, we did talk a bit.

He has wandered away from WFB into the lands of warmachine and is enjoying himself but misses the crew back on the other side of the fence.

He recently threw a gauntlet in my face and tossed me a challenge.  Paint a new 1K army between now and Adepticon.  Should be easy right?  Well, it should but we both have numerous distractions in life (Diablo III is gonna swallow my soul for a while).  Not to mention that I also want to paint a new 2.5k ish army for Waaaghpaca / next year this year.  And a new TT army with Caius (who I may have also convinced to come back to the fold).

We decided upon a wager.  If you don't paint the 1K army within the years timeframe then a terrible fate would bestow you.  Inspired by a pic I saw from a friend / previous editor (Bobo the Vampire Monkey or Isaac Alexander of Unseen Lerker fame) I decided the loser would spend 1 ENTIRE day of Adepticon in a bunny suit.  The challenger agreed and now we are off.

Bobo sporting his lovely bunny suit.

And here are me and my challenger in a scene that could yet come to fruition. (*my photo editing skills are quite terrible!!!)



Johnny Hastings said...

This is a great idea. Even I might get something done if there were such a challenge on the table! I am stoked to follow the progress.

Anonymous said...

I'll throw down on this. What is the due date? Adepticon 2013?

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