Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bull Ogre Kingdoms Mournfang Cavalry

Finally, after 5 months of work, they're done! The Bull Ogre Mournfang Cavalry/Razorgor Chariots driven by Minotaurs. The unit turned out great. Super characterful, and very interesting to look at. There's a ton of little extra bitz to look at. Also; it's huge, and it weighs a ton (being mostly metal).
This unit combined was one of the largest conversion and painting challenges I've taken on in a long time. Each Razorgor, Chariot, and Minotaur is completely unique. All the Razorgor have been covered over in fur, since the unmodified Razorgor models are just awful looking.

Each chariot was built from components from many different chariots, in a random way. Each one has also had several extra bits added to it: shields, skulls, and more. The chariots also had a load of GreenStuff added to make them work for a single model, instead of two boars/tuskgors.

The Razorgor were made removable from the base, so that they could be fielded on their own. They have magnets attached to their bases, and magnets have been drilled into the chariot base. Despite their weight, they stay in place very well.

This one is the musician. I used the horn from the Mournfang Cavalry, and an ax from the plastic Minotaur kit.  The chariot was built from the Beastmen Chariot.
Here's the standard bearer. Once again, I used the standard bit from the Mournfang Cavalry kit. The whip is from the Orc Chariot, and the ax is from the plastic Minotaurs. The horns on the standard came from the Minotaur box set, and the ork head is an old metal 40K Ork Warboss. This chariot is based on the Beastmen Chariot.
The champion has an ax from the plastic Minotaur set. The whip is the tail from the Stonehorn/Thundertusk
 box set. The head on this guy is an old metal Tuskgor head. This chariot is based on the Orc Chariot.
Lastly, here's the 'rank and file' Bull Ogre Mournfang. His ax is once again from the plastic Minotaur box set, and his whip is from the Thundertusk/Stonehorn kit. His chariot is built from the Orc Chariot.
That's it. You can see many more pics here: The Wild Herd: Bull Ogre Gallery. There are many shots of the models under construction, and many more finished shots.


Mr Saturday said...

God damn, what a great unit. Real labour of love there. 5 months is some time, but you won't be seeing many other units like this one. Super cool job.

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