Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bestigor/Chaos Warrior Conversions Painted

This post is a follow-up on my previous Bestigor/Chaos Warrior Conversion post. They're finally done!
I swear it felt like these fellas took forever. There are so many tedious little bits on them! Also, there are so many different surfaces to paint, that require different techniques. The fur, the skin, the armor, the weapon heads, the cloaks, and so on. It really adds a ton to the overall painting time.

I had to paint these guys to match the rest of the regiment, so I was constrained in terms of what I could experiment with. My painting has improved since I painted the first batch of 24 of these guys, so I had to fight the urge a few times to add more layers or make the blends perfect.
I found myself painting the details of these models not according to which colors they would be, but according to where they fell on the models. For example, I would usually paint all leather straps at once. That saves time and paint. Same goes for all metal details that will be of the same color. For these models, I had to paint the metal parts at the front of their shoulders first, then the leather strap that attaches to that metal part along with the belts around their waists, then I came back and painted the metal belt buckles and belt loops. This was the only way I could think to get these details done without creating huge potential to skrew it up later when painting detail right next to it.
I like this take on the conversion much more than the original batch that I did. The difference is all in the heads and horns. They're larger, and are therefore more impressive! Somehow, it just makes better Bestigor. The extra armor and cloth on the faces also enhances the look.

These guys took about 6.8 hours each to paint, and the conversion time was about 1.5 hours each. That's about 8.3 hours each. Yikes!


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Loving this army, Hastings!

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