Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Undivided Mounted Chaos Lord

Yet another Chaos Mortal model for you here. Some of these sculpts are just so awesome, I simply cannot resist them. I once ended up with a Chaos Warriors army box, back when the latest version of their army book came out. This fella was in there. I find this sculpt to be absolutely stunning. His pose is very stoic and poised, not some poorly done attempt at a battle pose. He has some sweet mutations, and a super kewl shield. The unique horns are also a nice touch.
Just like the previous two Chaos Mortal models I've blogged on here, this guy has the grungy metallic armor scheme. It appeals to me so much, I am actually rather stoked to paint some more of it. Every time I do it, I tweek the washes and glazes a bit. That experimentation is somehow really fun, and the end results are generally really good.

I chose to do blues on the mutant arm just to make it stand out. It also complements the greens of the cloak, and the greys on the base. 
He's on a custom base, built of ApoxieSculpt. As I've said a few times now, tutorials will be forthcoming on how to build bases like these.

I wanted the flesh tone of the mount to look rather pallid. I also wanted all the colors used on the mount to flow together well. To accomplish that I went with the black/gray scheme for the hair of its tail and hooves. For the mount's body tones I used Scorched Brown as a base, and highlighted it with Codex Gray. The overall effect was a bit more monotone than I'd like, but I'd say my goal was achieved. 
The shield was such an awesome bit that I spent a bunch of extra time on it. I went with the gold tones to make it really stand out on the model. I did green weathering on it to tie it into the main color scheme that I used on the cloak.

The straps and such were painted with yellows added to the final highlights. This was to be consistent with the other Chaos Mortal models that I'd done, as well as to add some brighter tones to the model. It also had the benefit of complementing the tones I used on the shield.

Since it takes me so long to get models done, I usually go for versatility whenever possible. I magnetized his base so that he could be mounted on a Daemonic Steed, or a Chaos Steed. He can even fill in as a fancy champ in a unit of Chaos Knights if need be.
All in all, I love how he turned out. This is one of my favorite GW models for sure. If I could change anything about the paint job, I'd do something slightly different with the flesh on the horse. Perhaps just a glaze or two of purple, or maybe green; something to make it pop a bit more.


Mr Saturday said...

Sweet job, he looks excellent. The metallic armour makes a nice change from a lot of warriors armies, and the magnetized base is quite the groovy notion. Top dollah!

CanHammerChris said...

Prob a stupid question but why cant you glaze him purple now to make the horse pop? Would you have to go back and redo the horse?

But he looks pretty sick!! I got the same one on my painting table as well i may have to copy the magnetic base thing.

Johnny Hastings said...

Lol, to me, that suggestion wasn't obvious at all. I guess I could go back and add the glaze now. Typically, once I am done with a model I never go back to it; yer suggestion might actually make me happier with it though. I would potentially have to fix the blending on the horse, and maybe add additional highlight layers in that case though. I might just do all that though, probably make for an interesting blog post too.

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