Saturday, March 31, 2012

Skink Traders

To round off the Lustria theme of my last few posts, I present the Skink Traders.These were from the Adepticon Team Tournament from 2007. They were made to go on the display base, to further the East Lustra Trading Company theme. There was never a game related reason to have them.

They're based exactly like the Dwarf Traders from my last post, and were displayed with them on the army display board. There are 4 Skinks, the Skink 'Shaman', and the sack o' riches.
You can see that they were all converted up to be holding some kind of trade items. Grasses, leaves, herbs, spices, feathers, and of course gold.
The paint scheme on the skin is Scab Red, a few red/brown washes, then Scab Red highlighted up with Dwarf Flesh. The shaman was pretty fun to paint, as he's got lots of extra little bitz.

The sack of pottery and gold is an old bit that I had in the bin for years, finally put to good use. I think it's a Reaper bit, but I'm not 100% sure on that. The jungle plants are one again from some old plastic aquarium plants that I had lying around.
I really dig the way the skin tones come out. They're sinister, and really lizard-y. The eyes provide a nice contrast to the skin tones, and tie in with the bright greens on the bases.

This unit won me a Bronze Crystal Brush award at Adepticon 2011. It was in the Fantasy Unit category. I like the way they turned out, but think that there may not have been as many entries in the category as there were in others. Nonetheless, I was happy to take the sparkly glass trophy!


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