Saturday, March 31, 2012

Respect Your Elders

Take care not to linger your gaze too long over these models. To do so is to invite madness...

These are the first models for my unique Warhammer Demon army.

These will be Bloodletters of course. Great plastics. Their amphibian characteristics jive well with the squidish chthonic facial structures.

The plan is to use most of the stock Demon models with some facial enhancements to tie them all together in otherwordly goodness.


The heads were done in two parts. Part one is attach four nearly cured green stuff tentacles to the blank face.

Part two is attach the head to the fig and sculpt a quick face to cover the joins. I really like the variable number of eyes on Mike Mignola's (from Hellboy) chthonic creations and carried this forward to these chaps.


Doman said...

very good idea!! fantastic simple conversion:)
i must try it:D

Mr Saturday said...

Great idea, the old Gods would be proud.

Laughing Ferret said...

Brilliant! Really like those. Idea saved, I may have to do something with that myself someday. very cool!

Rhellion said...


Michael Butcher said...


Christian Taylor said...

I've heard about this army now all week from various podcasts in the US and UK - well done Rodge - great finished job!

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