Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet the Slippery Sidewinders

A few months ago, I signed up for Stupor Bowl V at this year's Adepticon. I wanted to do a new team (and I was flush with a massive Lizardman army I'd purchased from a friend) so the Slipper Sidewinders team franchise was born!

As is typical for most Blood Bowl events, The Stupor Bowl rules allow for certain skills to be distributed amongst the team. The above two Saurus will just be regular Linemen, however, with no particular skills. (other than the ability to punch and be punched in the face)

These two chaps I'm referring to as my Slippery Sprinters. Both of them will have the Break Tackle skill. This allows them to use their Strength instead of Agility when making a Dodge.

I decided on Break Tackle from my experiences against Lizardmen while playing my Orcs. Typically, I matched each Saurus one on one with on Orc Lineman to beat up each turn. As Saurus only have an Agility of 1, this means they really have no choice but to block the player in front of him. A  Dodge on a 5+ or 6 is very risky business. While all the Saurus were matched up, my two Orc Blitzers with Tackle proceeded to hunt down and murder all the skinks.

So Break Tackle helps prevent this from happening to me, giving me two Saurus who can Dodge away from opponents with ease and get where they need to be. This will also give me two players who can Dodge into a space to Blitz a ball carrier if necessary.

These two guys are my bruisers. I love how they turned out! I would have done all the Saurus like this but I like to be able to look at a model and clearly know what skills he has. In this case, both of these guys have Block, an all around useful skill (typically lacking on a Lizardman team).

So far, so good. I have six skinks in the works as well, with two skill slots left to assign. Stay tuned!


Randroid said...

Looking good! Wish I could make it out to Stupor Bowl... maybe next year.

Rogers said...

It's good fun!

Rhellion said...

I ended up comitting to too much Fantasy this year to get any Blood Bowl action. Next year I definitely want to get some BBowl in. I really like how you've distinguished the separate Saurus with the different skills. I sure know your opponents will appreciate the courtesy.

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