Saturday, March 17, 2012

Failed Color Schemes

One of the first things you must consider when conceptualizing a new army is the paint scheme. I always rather enjoyed this part; as it gives me a chance to use some different colors and try new things paint-wise. Even if you don't intend to make a full army of it, it's always fun to experiment.

I've been wanting to do up some Chaos Warriors for quite a while, so I recently took a stab at it. I didn't want to go with the usual color schemes. You know the routine: Khorne is red, Tzeentch is blue, Nurgle is green, and Slaanesh is pink. I really wanted something a bit different; in my head it was a nice darker toned green and blue mix. Something with a real chaosy feel.

This model was my first attempt at it. The turquoise ended up being way too bright, and doesn't have anything sinister about it. Somehow it's just too positive, and happy feeling for a Chaos Warrior (as you can see from these pics).

The whole time I was painting it, I was really stoked. When I was done, I immediately knew this color scheme would never work for a whole Warriors army. Next time I do one up, I will be adding much more green to the blue-green mix. I will also try my best not to highlight up the super light 'Warhammer Highlight' style that you see here. That may be a bit hard to avoid though, as it's what makes the models really pop.
That said; I love everything else about how this model turned out. The browns of the boots and belt were a completely different mix than anything else I've done in that regard. I really like how they came out. The light cloak really complements the armor as well, and makes it seem to shine more.

Speaking of the armor; that was one of the reasons that I painted this model. I really like the way this armor recipe turns out. I'd done it one a few other models in the past, and wanted to play with it more. When I do retry my Chaos Warrior test model, I will definitely be repeating what I did with that.

The basing was another thing that I wanted to play with. These built up Apoxie-Sculpt bases turn out awesome. They're a fair amount of work to do on every rank and file model in an army, but they look great. Plus I've never really done much with snow, despite how cliche it may seem to other folks by now.

The moral of the story is: When you have an itch, scratch it. Just follow your instinct, and see what happens. This model was fun to paint; I learned a ton about what I think looks really good regarding Chaos Warrior paint and basing schemes, as well as what I want to avoid when doing these models. Even though this model doesn't make the cut to get in an army, it'll still be nice to have him sitting in the display case as a reminder of everything I learned.

One a side note: I will be doing a series of basing posts here on the blog in the future.


Michael Butcher said...

Still looks great!

Rob said...

I actually really like this scheme, the light colours make a change to the usual.
Kinda looks Tzeentch-y.

Anonymous said...

It's very strange. It looks very nice, but really not chaos-y at all. On paper the colour would be said to be very cold (and therefore not un-chaosy), but I think the yellow in the turquoise adds an un-chaosy warmth.

Well... beautiful model as I've come to expect from one of my new favourite sites. ;)

Ryan said...

I also really like what you've done with the metal. It's dark and unforgiving and doesn't give off the shiny polished look that some metal can look. I agree with you that despite being very well done, the overall color is just too "feel good" for a chaos army.

Perhaps weathering of some sort would tone it down?

Caleb said...

What is your metal recipe? (If you don't mind sharing)

Johnny Hastings said...

Check out my latest post for some commentary on the armor paint scheme.
Thanks for the comments gang!

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