Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dwarf Traders

A few years back (2007), Joe Rogers and I teamed up for the Adepticon Team Tournament. He had Dogs of War, and I had Dwarfs. We went with a Lustria theme, and our team name was: 'The East Lustria Trading Company'.

To help further our theme, we decided to make some trading models for each of our armies. I did up these Dwarfs, along with some Skinks (which I'll blog on later).

The goal was to make it look like these Dwarfs were trading with some Skinks, in Lustria.

The captain is the fella that you see here. He's based on the Runelord model that came with the Anvil of Doom kit. I gave him a GreenStuff hat, complete with Empire feather. A custom ax, and a pistol. The treasure chest is an extra bit that Rodge had lying around.
The vegetation is from some old aquarium plants that I had. You can pluck them off one at a time, drill holes in the base with your pinvise, and then do your best not to fill those holes with paint or gravel while you base, prime, and paint the models.

This fella has had rare earth magnets added to the bottoms of his feet. They've also been added to his 20mm base, as well as to the top of the chest. The chest then doubles as either an Oath Stone, or Shieldbearers.
The remainder of the Dwarf Traders were built from plastic Dwarf warriors.
I added the GreenStuff hats to them as well, as well as many other extra bits for flavor. Those include more Empire feathers, a pipe, a beer mug, a rope, a pistol holster, a scratch sheet and pencil, a GreenStuff pouch or two, and a metal ale barrel.
These guys are some of my favorite Dwarfs that I've done. They're super characterful, and are just fun to look at. They look like wealthy, well-traveled lads; as they should. The paint scheme is the exact same as the rest of my Dwarfs army. You can see that on my old Dwarfs site: Karak Einherjar.


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