Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crocodile Games: Ice Witch of Hyperborea

It isn't too often that I paint a non-GW mini. That's mostly because I don't have the time, what with all the trying to get whole armies painted. As a rule I consider myself an army painter, not a master-class single model painter. It's rare that I paint something just for the fun of painting it, but here's one.

There are some really great models in the Crocodile Games line up. The Hyperborea ones are super sweet, so I couldn't resist scooping up a bunch of them. Here's the first one that I've painted: The Ice Witch of Hyperborea.

This is such a sweet model. Awesome theme and style. I love all the sharp angles, the blocky flow of the cloak, and all the exposed skin doesn't hurt her appeal at all.
You'll see that the face is sculpted very well, and I really dig the way she's floating up on the cloak. If you're looking for a female wizard model, seriously consider this little lady.


Michael Butcher said...

Nice work Johnny!

CanHammerChris said...

Sweet lookin mini!!

Black Bard said...

Wow!! She looks fantastic! I might have to find her for a caster in my army. How long did it take you to paint her?

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks fellas! I'd say I have around 12 hours into it. Some of that was experimenting with the grays and blacks on the cloak though.

Caius said...

Very Nice Johnny - Nice to see a single mini from you (all that wasted talent just painting armies...)

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