Friday, March 23, 2012

Bull Ogre Gnoblars / Old School Ungors

For my Bull Ogre Kingdoms army, I've done up some Gnoblars. For those of you not familiar with the Bull Ogre Kingdoms, it's just an Ogre Kingdoms army made completely of Minotaur and other related Beastmen models.

For the Gnoblars, I decided to go with the old school metal Ungors. They're sufficiently small and weedy enough to fit the bill perfectly.

Here's the first unit. They're 11 strong.
I had to convert several of them. The basic metal ungor model is armed with a spear, and has a metal stud on the left hand for a shield to attach to. The gnoblars are armed in a much more ramshackle manner. The goal was to add a variety of ranged attack equipment, as well as to mix up the unit as much as possible.
A few of the models were left completely unconverted; for the sake of nostalgia and variety. These classic models have a lot of flavor, and are a far cry from anything new that GW has put out. I'm not saying that the new models are better or worse, just that they're significantly different. That difference is worth preserving in its original state on at least a few of the old school models.
For the others, I did several things. I used some bits from the latest ungor kit, namely the bows. I made a few custom slings from green stuff, using human skulls as the ammo for them. I also made a few custom lacrosse sticks from green stuff and the spear components that was already on the models, adding green stuff pouches where the ammo for them would reside.
A few of these models have some really sweet additional details. You can see the old school looking trophy heads here. The dwarf head is awesome, I really love that old GW dwarf look with the huge nose and other bold features.
This unit turned out really sweet. It's one of the most unique and flavorful units in my Beastmen army for sure. I used the standard 3 color paint schemes on the individual models, same as was spread across the rest of the Beastmen and Bull Ogre Kingdoms armies.

These boys can double as Ungor Raiders in my Beastmen army, though I've never fielded Ungor Raiders in any Beastmen list. More pics of these fellas can be found on the Core Gallery and Bull Ogre Gallery sections on my site: The Wild Herd.


Simonster said...

Love them, always tempted to pick these guys up on ebay when I see them! Great job.

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