Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Bear's Prizes part 2- Chaos Warrior Shield

The WoC shield was the best sportsman award at WAAAGH! Paca 2012.  Winning the shield for sportsmanship is a tradition that goes back to the first WAAAGH! Paca in 2010 when the prizes were orc themed and also in 2011 when they were Bretonnian themed.

Tom got real excited when he won the best sportsman of WAAAGH! Paca 2012.
I'll be doing a detailed shield tutorial in the upcoming months because of all the things I've made shields are the simplest once you've figured them out... until you start trying to wrap complex shapes in vinyl and attatch like 50 fricken' metal arrows.  Here's some of he basics though to give you an idea of whats entailed as well as some more shots of the WoC shield.

So there's only 8, but it felt like 50.

This is a shield press.  That curved piece of wood on the closest end is one of several ribs mounted on a plywood base.  You take two 2 foot by four foot sheets of 1/4 inch plywood and glue them together and strap them over the press.  When it's dry you've got your blank.

I make a pattern and trace it on the blank and then cut it out.  This is by far the most complex shape I've done so far.

I glued red upholstery vinyl with a leather pattern onto the blank (ideally you'd have your arm straps mounted prior to this to cover the bolts).  The next step (not pictured) is wrapping the loose vinyl neatly around the edges and tacking it on.  With a more traditional shield you would have used canvas and would now paint the decoration on it.  Of course being a WoC shield required me to rivet a bunch of sharp pointy metal (and a Bastard tickler) on it instead.

Well that's the basics.  Like I mentioned before I'll be doing a detailed step by step in the future for all you would-be armorers. 

All of the awards for WAAAGH! Paca 2012 except best overall were inspired by illustrations or models from the WoC army book.  I will send a Point Hammered sticker to the first person who can pinpoint the inspiration for this shield.  Good luck!



Chris said...

Page 85, I thinks it's Crom's shield, he's the third guy down on the left column.

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