Thursday, February 9, 2012

Warrior with Great Weapons Unit

Since the start of 8th edition I've been a big fan of standard warriors with great weapons.  For Waaaghpaca I included a small unit of 18 warriors with great weapons in my list.  While I already had a unit already painted up to a decent level, since they were mostly 6th edition models I decided it was high time to create a brand new unit that pushed the theme further.  To create the unit I used components from both the plastic dwarf warrior and miner kit.  I modeled the unit to look very miner like except that I went with the standard great weapons rather than the mine picks.  Even more interesting is that I was able to use my a converted model that I originally built for the screw cannon before coming up with the cyclops helmets as my champion.  I also included the wooden beam unit filler that I've included in all of my units.  

I used the standard army color scheme on the unit and painfully painted each model to a high level knowing this unit would become a signature unit along with my miners in the army.  I accomplished this by painting the models in smaller batches of 5 rather than my usually 10 and spending more time on the important details like the skin.    The photos below also includes my heavily converted Battle Standard Bearer which I will cover in a future post. 


Ryan said...

I loved clan blazenbeard! They were awesome at waaaghpaca and have inspired me to rework my first army which is dwarves!

retroalias said...

Thanks! I would love to see some pix with what you work up!

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