Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Waaaghpaca Display Board Tutorial Part 3

With the board painted I decided to try something new by adding some fire lighting effects to the inside of the mine entrance.  I purchased a 5mm Fire LED kit from Evan Designs along with a 9V battery strap with on and off button.  The kit is a set of three colored, blinking LEDs designed to simulate the look of fire.  Using a pin I created three small hole in the top of the shadow box making sure that the LEDs would have enough room to sit side by side.  I ran the wires for each LED through the holes and out the top.  Next I installed the battery strap by simply twisting all the red wires together followed by all the black wires.  For additional information Evans Designs website has excellent video instructions about their products.  I mounted the shadow box in place by using electrical tape and and covered the excess wires with a piece of black foam core secured with electrical tape.  Finally I mounted the battery with a piece of electrical tape. 

I am very pleased with how the effect turned out though it is much more impressive in the dark.  


John Gaszak said...

Great series of articles. Very inspirational and informative.

retroalias said...

Thanks, I had a lot of fun putting it together and I was really please with how it was received at Waaaghpaca.

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