Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thirty Second Slings

Here is a quick and easy way to make some slings.

Step 1 - Roll up a bunch of sling stones with the random putty blobs you always have leftover from any sculpting. I'll always have a purpose for my extra putty, which depends on the army I'm working on. Typically I'll roll out spikes, tentacles, skaven tails or just add another mound to a WIP base.

Step 2 - Once the stones have cured, roll out a green stuff ribbon and let it cure a bit (just like in Ask the Bastards #6) An hour or so should suffice.

Step 3 -Wrap the ribbon around the sling stone in any sort of curve you like and let it cure. I chose a throwing angle.

Step 4 - Drill out the hand of the model and glue.

Easy peasy. As is typical, it is much easier to sculpt separately from the model and attach it later.

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