Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Road to Adepticon 2012 | Almohad Berbers Pt. I [WAB]

For this years Adepticon WAB tournament I am going to run North African Berbers using the new Armies of Antiquity [AoA] army list.  AoA is a valiant attempt to cross level points across the range of armies available and does a decent job of introducing armies that have not been covered before.  With a soon to be published errata it will be, IMHO, what future WAB events will be run out of.  Points are structured differently, so a 2800 point AoA equals for the most part a 2000 WAB army from one of the several older published supplements.  All the Berber units and Guard spearmen will be Musketeer figures [a nice hefty 28mm and easy to paint... I do have a lot of models to do], the balance will be Crusader models.

My "final' list for the Adepticon WAB singles tournament:

The .72 conversion it to show the points in relation to pre AoA points (i.e. a 2000 point army).

I prefer an infantry heavy army which was a challenge to field with this list as infantry is limited to 50%, however the Almohads employed a lot allies [army has to have at least 25% allies] and hired units, so there was an opportunity to add more foot troops as well as some more varied elements to the army.  This is the first army for WAB that doesn't have the Shieldwall or Phalanx rule.  


Characters: limited to an Emir [general] and BSB. I run 6 characters in my Saxon list, so this is a change  :)... 

Berber Spearmen: All the Berber Spearmen units have Full Command, Thrusting Spears, Javelins, and Large Shields along with a back rank of archers in combined formation.  This should make them fairly flexible...

Skirmishers: I normally have a big safety blanket of skirmishers, but something had to give to fit in all the bits I wanted to use, so only one unit will take the field with this army...

Cavalry: A unit of Berber [I imagine Skirmishing for the most part] Cavalry, I included a musician in case I decide to play them formed.

Note that in AoA, not all allies or mercenaries are unreliable. Only those listed as allies and mercenaries specifically follow that rule.  The Allies in the Almohad list act just like part of the regular army.  Huzaaah!  

I chose Late Christian Spanish Allies from those available to the army. 

Guard Spearmen: 
Large Block of WS 4 spearmen that act as the emir's personal unit.  They come with Full Command, Javelin, Thrusting Spears, Light Armor, Shield and I made the Stubborn. A bit pricy but rock hard unit [at least I hope so]. The BSB will also join this unit.  My default deployment would place this somewhere in the center to anchor the infantry line... I am using Musketeer Armored Arab Infantry figures to represent this unit. I figure after a period of time in the service to the emir, they would go at least a little native. 

Well it is a contemporary of the crusades, some long range punch seemed to make sense.  16 strong with banner/musician and the option to form up ranked as skirmishers, they will provide some options.  I will convert Crusader Norman Crossbowmen to make this unit. 

Military Order Knights: 
Ahh, these will either win or lose games, me thinks.  I went without barding as I thought it might be a bit much and I wanted to keep their speed up also. Coming with Full Command, Lance, Heavy Armor and Shield as well as First Charge, this is an expensive, but powerful unit.  Time will tell if I am smart enough to use it correctly... 

Next installment will have some actual pictures of minis in it, I swear. 

As always, thanks for looking. 


Laughing Ferret said...

This looks like a fun list. I'm a big fan of taking allied units of a type but visually representing them as something more akin to the home army.

PsychosisPC said...

I need to find sometime to read over some of the AoA. I've heard the discussion on the conversion for points just not found time to look it over. I'll stick to my Romans for the Tourney, and may stick to the WAB 2 rule book.

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