Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rodge Podge 2012

The Rodge Podge - July 28th, 2012
Stevens Point, WI

To put it quite simply, this is the most unique tournament you will ever find.

Last year - players designed a 2000 point army list using units from any of the Warhammer army books with the ability to mix & match and all unit restrictions abolished (things like - harpies don't count as core, etc.. were ignored)

Results from 2011 can be found here

This year, the Rodge Podge is being stood on its head once again and this will be a Team tournament.

Each player should build a 1000 point army from your favorite army book.

Only official army books are in. No Indy GT, Warhammer Forge or White Dwarf crap.

No Special Characters.

Each player will be matched up with a (mostly) random partner each round! 

That's right, if you get lucky, you could be matched up with a Hungover Hastings, Rude
Rodge, or Bad Bear. If the fates aren't so kind, though, you could get paired up with one of
those Northstar boys. (Sorry, bro.)

The Rodge Podge is always about Victory Points.  Whoever gets the most wins.  Nothing else matters.

There are number of minor objectives which will also net you Bonus VP's! 

Don't delay many of these are time-sensitive with the first coming up on March 28th!

You also need to sign up for a Role by April 28th - all staffing for this event will be provided by the players.  A Role will net you another bonus as well.  For example - I am the Forum Friend and responsible for the internet spam / udpates.

Role Roster can be found here
You have to PM "TheRodge" via the forums or send an email to
to discuss your qualifications for said Role.

Be sure to tick all the boxes to stack the deck in your favor!

To get all the information head over to the Point Hammered Forums.
You can download the full rules packet in PDF form which contains all the answers to your questions and more information than I dare to provide here.  Scenarios are also included.
*** Please Note - The Point Hammered Forums are NSFW.  


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