Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rob's Waaaghpaca Battle Report - Game 1

One of the great things about tournaments is the chance to play against other players outside your local gaming circle. My first game was against Rob Hoen of the Snake Eyes Box Cars out of Wausau, WI. Rob was as classy as they come and he didn't fail to disappoint. Hopefully I will get a chance to play him again at a future tournament. Rob's High Elf army was neatly painted and in particular I loved his display board as it was a triangle rather than the normal rectangle we so often see.

Game 1's scenario was a modified Blood in Glory with a break point of one and the major objective being to get the opponent to half fortitude. When building my army list I made sure to include as much fortitude as possible to make this type of scenarios easier to deal with. So going into the game with 8 fortitude I felt that I had a reasonable shot at the win. But given that Rob had a decent High Elf list with lots of magic I knew nothing was in the bag. I was particularly fearful of the 18 White Lions, knowing what they would do to my units with great weapons.   So here is the spot where I would normally post Rob's list, but I've failed and somehow managed to lose my copy.  You can probably piece the list together from the picture above as I recall he had a tricked out level 4 Shadow Mage, level 1 of Beasts, and Battle Standard Bearer. 

With my limited magic defense I opted to castle up on the left side of the board. I used a huge piece of impassable terrain to sure up my left flank and a river to the front and right of my army to give Rob a watery speed bump. My plan was to protect the war machines by shooting the eagle with the Quarrelers and handle the Reavers with my Slayer unit. That would hopefully give my war machines enough time to do their job, though I completely ignored the White Lions until I was able to eliminate the other infantry units.

The game itself went according to plan as I was able to get the Eagle early and the Slayers held the charge the Reavers off. My war machines fired the entire game without incident and the grudge thrower was able to pound one unit of spears into the ground with a direct hit on turn 1. It also didn't hurt that Rob did as much damage to his own army with failed dangerous terrain tests when charging through the river and catastrophic miscasts that put wounds on wizards and foot soldiers alike. Rob's magic phases never really got going as he had low winds of magic rolls and I was able to stop all of the game changing spells with dice and spell breaker rune. I was also significantly aided in that Rob had thrown 2 miscasts by turn 2 that left him on the back foot for the rest of the game.

In the end it was a 4-1 decision to me. I should note that Rob was able to table my teammates Tier 1 Lizardman army in game 4, so I'm glad that I had luck on my side in this one!


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