Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rivek Tunneldweller: Waaaghpaca Dwarf of Intrigue

One of the prerequisites for Waaaghpaca is always the inclusion of a "Man of Intrigue" model in your army.  It is really one of those small original details that really set Waaaghpaca apart from the rest of the GTs.  Essentially this MOI model joins a unit and plays a key role in the scenarios of each game.  More important than that the MOI model should push the theme of your army and be all things awesome.

For my MOI I decided to create an eccentric, almost mad dwarf engineer whose back-story would include the creation of the new and improved war machines for my army.  It was also important that the model push the theme of my army which distills down to three things, drills, flames and orange beards.  I think nailed it on both counts. 

Starting with a stock standard plastic miner kit I raided my bitz box and using some plasticard and green stuff came up with Rivek Tunneldweller. He has a back pack mounted steam drill attached to his left arm and carries a flame thrower in his right hand.  He is also tied directly to my war machine conversions with the welders mask styled helmet.  I'm very happy with how he turned out as he is very unique and original, but he also maintains the strong ties to the theme of the rest of the army so that he doesn't look out of place. 


For painting the model I followed the same warm paint scheme as the rest army which is focused on bronze, orange and red. 


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