Monday, February 6, 2012

On Seamless Conversion Subject: Minotaur BSB

Be sure to read my blog entry ‘On Seamless Conversion’, as this entry is intended to be an example of what I discussed there. This is example 4 of 6.

Very much like the Minotaur Shaman from the #2 blog entry in this series, The Minotaur Gorebull BSB (or Bull-Ogre Kingdoms Bruiser BSB) is an example of a seamless conversion on the model level, as well as the army level. He’s built from a plastic GW minotaur, GreenStuff, BrownStuff, plasticard, and some random bitz to spruce up the standard. My goal with this conversion was to create a unique BSB model that would match the look and feel of the metal GW minotaurs. I also wanted him to be bigger, bulkier, and scarier looking.

This was a rather imposing conversion to undertake, as the plastic minotaurs are a very far cry from the metal ones. They’re also really bad models as far as I’m concerned. I knew it would be a very involved (and by that I mean time consuming) project.

The plastic feet from the minotaur kit were not used, as I believe a proper minotaur should always have hooves. Typically I would make the hooves rather over-sized. However, based on how big this guy already is relative to the metal minotaurs; I kept their size somewhat smaller.

I had to scrape off all of the fur on the body, in order to resculpt it in the same style as the old metal minotaurs. This meant hacking up a large percentage of the model, and sculpting over around a third of its surface.

I also lifted the head from the front of the chest; putting it on a more proper, and rather bulky, neck. That new neck also had to be covered in fur to make it consistent with the old style. Why is it that GW models always have their heads jutting out from the front of their chests?

I added pouches and extra components with GreenStuff in the same style as I’ve done with all the other minotaur.

I decided to build him a custom weapon. The stock axes and such just didn’t look quite right given what I’d done with the rest of the model. They were too small given his huge size as well.

The end look is similar to that of the old GW minotaur, but he is still very unique in his own right. Size-wise, he’s massive next to the rest of the force. I think that is as it should be. I will likely make some more Minotaur (a.k.a. Bull-Ogre Kingdoms) characters in this same style; to both tie them into the force theme-wise, and to set them apart size-wise.


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This guy's a sexy slab 'o beef.

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