Saturday, February 4, 2012

On Seamless Conversion Subject: Dwarf Banners

Be sure to read my blog entry ‘On Seamless Conversion’, as this entry is intended to be an example of what I discussed there. This is example 3 of 6.

The custom banners I made for my Dwarfs army are an example of seamless conversions on the individual model level, and the army level. I wanted my existing old-style metal standard bearers to be consistent with the latest style of plastic dwarf banner. The goal was to add some larger conversions, and interesting free-hand painting to the army; in order to better catch the eye. Dwarf armies typically don’t draw much attention, regardless of how well they’re painted. The freehand banner paint work was also meant as a personal painting challenge, but that’s a different subject all-together.

The dwarf standards in question were those for the Slayers, Hammerers, Iron Breakers, and Battle Standard Bearer. The first thing that I had to do was hack up the existing metal standard bearers that I had. Sadly they were all already painted, so I had to be careful. Then I gathered up a bunch of the plastic banners right off the dwarf warrior sprues, and started dry fitting them to confirm they’d fit.

Theme-wise, I knew they’d flow well; since they were dwarf bitz after all. The main issue with these conversions was using the same few plastic standard bitz across the entire army, and not having them look reused and repetitive.

Once the standard bitz were attached with glue and GreenStuff, and puttied up to look like one solid standard hanging from a pole; it was time for the real work to begin. I sat them all up and looked at them, and that’s when the idea struck me: I should add additional bitz to each standard that were themed to the unit to which they belonged.

From there it was easy. Each unit got something unique, and I used ancestor masks on all of them for some consistency. I added several additional things to the BSB’s standard, to make him look more prestigious.
The overall look is really good. It’s well themed to a Dwarfs army, and it really helps to make the army look cohesive when it’s on the table top.


Chris said...

I hate to use this word to describe Dwarfs, but these are lovely. Very nice conversions and paint scheme.

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