Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Okay, I'll see your Crusaders and raise you 96 Berbers [WAB]

After a taunt from PsychosisPC I feel the need to respond. A bit of background, we are both preparing forces for a very large Warhammer Ancient Battles game at Adepticon this year. PPC is on the crusader side, and I am the Captain of "Team Saracen".  All in all, there will be 7500+ points a side rumbling, putting Kingdom of Heaven to shame. With a jab, PPC posted a couple of pics of, like 4 or 5 knights and a spearman WIP. Well, in response, I present 96 (4 units of 24) Berbers finished and in the Cabinet. I did the painting over the last 4 weeks in my "spare" time.  Cleaning. etc was additional time. All figures in this batch are from Musketeer Miniatures (as is 90% of the army).  Still to go... More Spearmen, Cavalry, and some Christian allies.  This block was, IMHO, the hard part... 

Here is core of my berber army (the berber units are to the front, behind them are my Saxons...) in my case. I will shoot some better shots this weekend and do a proper Army Build Blog.  

And this was as exciting to do as it looks.  Assembly line (with good music) worked out pretty well... I went with a dip and detail/highlight approach for this army (first time trying it). Not as good IMHO as my normal, but very acceptable for tabletop. I use some old cafeteria trays to move figures for painting, etc. ...Gotta put boots on the ground. 

In the que at school to use the spray booth. 

Varnish drying.... I will still go back and highlight these a bit more before they went into the case.

More to follow and thanks for looking...


PsychosisPC said...

Oh for crying out loud.

I need more models, a phone call to Jerrod is probably in order.

Michael Butcher said...


PsychosisPC said...

Fireforge better ship fast. I need reinforcements.

Saxons in the background eh, Hey, I need to take pictures of my stuff backed by 3000 pts of Romans.....lol. Least now I know they are 8 wide. I can adjust.

Nah, all good natured fun. This is great stuff. I know that I could not bring myself to do what you are doing with these models. I would find saracens and berbers very hard to do.

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