Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lost and the Damned | Traitor Guard [WH40K]

From my LATD army. For the traitor guard I used Space Marine and CSM heads with the rebreathers to give them a nurgley/chem dog look.  Really easy conversion that didi not cost a lot to pull off. I sculpted Nurgle Symbols on all the shoulder pads, etc. To "chaos-up" the Lascannons, I used the gun shields from a  Chaos Defiler.  Bubbles on the bases are made with black plastic 1/2 beads [doll eyes] from a craft store.

Thanks for looking. 


ColKillgore said...

They look good! I especially like the gun shield for the las-cannon, that is brillant. I used the same rebreather heads for my Adeptus Mechanicus guardsmen, but I feel the compulsion to dig through my bits looking for the defiler face plate and build a similar gun just so I can paint it.


sonsoftaurus said...

Very cool! Great way to do the bubbles.

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