Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost and the Damned | Basilisk Battery [WH40K]

Even more old stuff, from my Lost and the Damned army.  Basilisk Battery consisting of 2 Basilisks and Ammo Carrier. Barrels are Brass tubing, Gun shields are Forgeworld.  The rest is me not knowing when to quit. A bit heavy handed on the paint, but that was how I rolled in those days... Banners are my favorite bit, along with the ammo carrier.


Crew Platform...

The Second Gun

Stop humping the shell mini-me!

Ammo Carrier.  Means nothing in game terms, but felt it was needed...

Thanks for looking


dylangould said...

These are awesome. I love all the little details and the subtly converted stuff. I think the paint on them is awesome, and befitting of nurgle.

PsychosisPC said...

Having seen these in person, the pictures just don't do them justice. The conversions are and character of them was pretty incredible. Your paint style is well executed and still completely foreign to me.

ColKillgore said...

They look great. I especially like the ammo carrier. I hated to see the Lost and the Damned codex go by the wayside.


Koloth said...

I remember seeing pictures of these years ago. Taken at a tournament I think. Loved them then, particularly the ammo carrier. I'm very tempted to build something similar, though it'll be loyalist.
Thanks for showing them in close up.


Warhammer In Progress said...

Wow, hands down some of the coolest IG mods I have seen in a while. lots of thought went into the modeling and it shows.

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