Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Bear's Prizes part 1- A Hall of Shame

Soooo... constipated... right... now!!!

One of the truly unique things that I do for WAAAGH! Paca is create life sized WFB artifacts for prizes.  This penchant for making big crazy shit has quite a history, allow me to take you on a photographic journey of of this strange habit...

While not actually a prize this was the first and so far biggest WFB artifact I've made, an ogre greatsword.  It adorned the wall of JadeCo hobby in Stevens Point for some time.

The fist Bear crafted home-made prizes for Northstar '08, back when it was in Stevens Point and run by The Rodge.

 While never actually a prize, I think the pumpkin chucker is certainly applicable to this strange habit of mine.

 The first WAAAGH! Paca, Paca 2010 where I start to hit my stride.  The traditional categories that I follow to this day are: best general- weapon, best army- helmet and best sportsman- shield.  Sadly the best overall being a war machine turned out to bit a bit problematic by year 3 so has become a bit more open depending on army.  Theming the prizes to the previous year's best overall army has stuck so far though.



 WAAAGH! Paca 2011, sluffed off a bit this year- just made the Shield, club and built the trebuchet from a kit (though no mean feat at that).

Not the first time I've been straddled by Hastings...

And this brings us to WAAAGH! Paca 2012.  I'll be devoting a blog post to each prize in the future so stay tuned!



PsychosisPC said...

The helmet is classic. It still resides in my hobby room.

That is also probably the best I have seen Hanson look. He has this tendency of trying to freak us out by wearing spandex, gross.

Mr Saturday said...

Quite the most awesome prizes I've ever seen for a tournament, a fair bit of love and pain gone into making them, I'll warrant.

Bloomfield Cricket Club said...

Fantastic just love it. Wondering how I would explain bringing home a Trebuchet or Giant Sword (if I was lucky enough to win one) to my wife though?

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