Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ask Domus - Panic caused by Friendlies

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"I was reading the Storm of Magic book and saw the item "Black Book of Ibn Naggazar (Pg. 55). I was thinking about using this item with a Grey Seer in a horde unit of either Skaven slaves or Clanrats. My question is this; as the book gobbles down rodents would I have to make a panic test if enough are sacrificed to the book and if so when would i make it? Would they flee during a magic phase? and would they flee from the Grey seer (Since he is the one feeding them to the book) or from the spells target? Thanks for info..


mmmm - Domus Response.

Hey there!

Thanks for the email - Sorry I didnt reply sooner but I was up at the Waaaghpaca Warhammer tournament.

I don't have the Storm of Magic book so you would need to first ensure there were no specific rules regarding this item.  Barring that.....

Yes, you take a panic if enough casualties (25%) are caused.
The panic is taken immediately when 25% is reached.

Fleeing - this is kind of tough.  You flee from the source of the panic.

So, I would treat the spot where the Grey Seer is as the 'Source' and pivot the center of the unit directly away from that spot.  and then run!!!!

Hope that helps.  I'd be more than willing to entertain a discussion if you think otherwise, that just seems to me the most sensible resolution.



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