Monday, February 13, 2012

Army Objective Marker

In addition to the Man of Intrigue model the Waaaghpaca GT also required an objective marker to use in a few of the scenarios.  As the theme of the army is significantly tied to mining I decided to go with an ore cart.  After researching google images I found a picture of what I wanted to model it on.

My first attempt had the perfect ratio from length to width but the overall size was significantly larger than I wanted.  It was actually the same height as a dwarf!.  For the second attempt I cut the size of the design in half.  The ore cart is exclusively made of plasticard with a few bits added to it for flavor.  The canary was a last minute addition to add a spot color to an overly dark model and to further strengthen the tie to the mining theme.  In retrospect the one thing I would have done differently would have have been to fill the cart with gold or maybe bright colored gems.  As is it turned out to be quite a lot of work for something that had minimal impact on the game.  


Rogers said...

For some reason I could see this lil guy on sale for 7 bucks at a craft store.

retroalias said...

Yep, in the aisle with the 19th century mining dioramas at your local Michaels store.

Rogers said...

Get some gold in dis bitch.

retroalias said...

Yeah I got some Hirst Art casts for that exact purchase.

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