Sunday, February 12, 2012

1500 Point Tournament at Memphis Battle Bunker

Today I got a chance to get in my first tournament since Waaaghpaca.  In fact this is the first games I've played since Waaaghpaca.  The tournament was 3 game, 1500 point and no comp at the Memphis Factory Store.  It used standard scenarios out of the book with a few additional objectives.  It was also pure battle points so it would be tough sledding for me as I typically ride soft scores to the top. 

Locally, I always have a real tough time as I prefer to not play over the top tier one lists.  Our local meta is basically 'ard boys style with a strong propensity for huge death stars and six dice monkeyes.  Since I was planning to run Dwarfs I knew it was going to be hard work.  With no magic I don't have access to the great equalizer to the giant points denial death stars.  Also, as I only had 2 war machines and no ballistic shooting it would be very tough to whittle them down for a panic check.  Finally, Dwarfs really don't have a lot of viable chaff that you can "feed" the death stars and the war machines are sitting ducks.  But hey, I'm always up for a challenge. 

So here is my list:

 Rune Lord - shield, stone, balance, 2x spellbreaker

BSB - Gromil, resistance, cleaving, fire

Warriors x19 - gw, std, muso

Long Beards x 20 - gw, std, muso

Iron Breakers x19 - std, muso

Miners x10 - std, muso

Cannon - flaming

Organ Gun

Game 1 - Skaven

Going in I knew this would be difficult as Skaven are always tough and the Dawn Attack scenario would make it even tougher.  He had 2 giant blocks of slaves, 1 block of clan rats, 2 units of giant rats, level 4 grey seer, level 2 caster, HPA, WLC and Gutter Runners.  I tried to put my army between two buildings and funnel the Skaven into me.  Once the HPA started the long run around the impassable terrain to avoid the cannon I should have pushed forward.  Given the Skaven advantage on magic I should have tried to get into combat with the blocks and take out the characters.  I was able use some creative movement in and out of the building to stave off mass casualties but in the end it was a solid victory for the Skaven. 

Game 2 - Warriors of Chaos

Blood and Glory Scenario with great opponent that I always have fun playing.  His list was 5 marauder horseman, 1 war shrine and the rest of the points was in one large death star of Tzeentch warriors with all of his characters.  Given that he would probably end up with my 215 points of war machines one option was to just try to kill off the Marauders and the War Shrine and run away with the other units to avoid combat.  However in that scenario there was no real way for me to win that game and I was there to win.  So I choose to place the long beards and the war machines on the center table edge.  Then I had the Iron Breakers (I should have taken the Hammerers) on the extreme left and the Warriors on the extreme right.  All the characters were with the Iron Breakers.  My hope was that he would push the death star forward toward the center and I could eliminate the horsemen with shooting and if I got lucky take out the war shrine (ward save made that tough sledding).  Then after he was near the center of my line I could hit the unit on 3 fronts.  Well, that is not how it went.  By turn 3 both war machines misfired and were off the table.  The warriors on the right did route the horsemen and got into the War Shrine.  Unfortunately, it took several rounds of combat to break the war shrine  and the delay allowed the horseman to rally and tie the warriors up for another turn.  All this while the death star annihilated the long beards in one turn and chased them off the table.  They came back on in the bottom of turn 6 but by then it was to late.  Solid victory of Warriors.   

Game 3 - Skaven

Well by this time I had sunk to the bottom table and playing Skaven again didn't make my mood any better.  Fortunately, the scenario was battle line and as my opponent was a new player and I hoped to be able to divide and conquer and make him cross the table while I whittled him down.  He was rolling with a WLC, Level 4 Grey Seer, Level1 Caster, unit of Plague Monks, 3 units of slaves, plague mortar, hero with the doom rocket and a unit of giant rats.  No HPA made me smile.  By winning the deployment phase I had the game set up on my terms.  He had most of his army in the center and the plague monks and one unit of giant rats on the right flank.  I had my organ gun and warriors in the left corner.  Everything else was in the right corner.  The plan for my left flank was to shoot up the plague monks and finish them off with the warriors when they got close.  It went better than expected as I killed off over half the monks unit with the Organ Gun.  I then got a charge on the flank of the giant rats with the Warriors which I popped and overran into the plague monks.  I was able to break the plague monks on the next turn and chase them off the table.  On my right flank it also went very well as the WLCwin to me.  Unfortunately, too little, too late. 

In the end I fell towards the bottom half of the pack but I had 3 fun, challenging games.  I also learned a lot and hopefully I will correct the mistakes so they won't happen again.  And I took home another painting trophy so that certainly made the beatings more palatable to take! 


Rogers said...

A sad campaign for Blazenbeard...

retroalias said...

Yeah, not a great showing. A bit like bringing a knife to a gun fight. We hav a 2k tourney next month and I may have to consult the list building gods.

Unknown said...

Oh wow hey Rob just found this site and there i am in the stirped jacket the first day you met and beat me!

retroalias said...

I still owe you another game for you to redeem yourself Coy!

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