Friday, January 27, 2012

Waaaghpaca Expedition of 2522

Clan Blazenbeard can trace their lineage to the distant thanes of Karak Kadrin. Over the years their various mining excursions led them deeper into the mountains finally putting down roots in a small, exhausted mine near the eastern end of Peak Pass. Though they no longer call Slayer Keep home they maintain their ties to the past by dying their hair in homage to the Slayer Kings of antiquity. Their seclusion from society has not diminished their stranglehold of the Expeditionary Mining Guild in Karak Kadrin. Their power over the guild is strong and absolute, achievable in part by the Guilds dependence on the Clans innovative mining technology that could only be designed in the absence of the intrusive Engineers Guild. 

In the year 2522 a surveying team returned with tidings that a legendary mineral deposit has been discovered in the heart of the Waupaca Wastes. Seizing the initiative Thorin Blazenbeard mustered a guild force and departed with all due haste. As their destination lied deep in Troll Country the intriguing engineer Rivek Tunneldweller accompanied the army eager to field test his newest flame inducing creations. In the months since passing near the manling city of Kislev no update to the army's progress has been received.


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