Sunday, January 29, 2012

Waaagh!Paca Dwarf Army List - Clan Blazenbeard

For Waaagh!Paca I decided to take my Dwarfs.  The decision was mainly because the army had a "newness" factor over the Tomb Kings having played the TK at both MWR and BiTS last year.  Also, since I had not been playing many games of late the Dwarfs seemed like a comfortable choice over the Tomb Kings.  The army list was created with my defensive style of play in mind with major consideration being made to theme and paint quality of each unit to ensure I had the best looking army I could muster.  It was Waaagh!Paca after all and I had to bring my "A" game!

Thorin Blazenbeard - Dwarf Lord - 246 pts
Great Weapon/Rune of Preservation/Rune of Resistance/Rune of Stone/Rune of Spite

Rutgi Ogrebane - Battle Standard Bearer - 165 pts
Rune of Fury/Master Rune of Gromril/Rune of Resistance
Thorak Smolderforge - Runesmith - 147
Shield/Master Rune of Balance/Rune of Spellbreaking
Hammerers x17 - 278 pts
Champion/Standard/Master Rune of Grungi

Long Beards x 19 - 267 pts
Great Weapons/Champion/Standard

Warriors x 18 - 200 pts
Great Weapons/Champion/Standard

Quarrellers x10 - 120 pts

Troll Slayers x5 - 55 pts

Miners x10 - 130 pts

Cannon - 130 pts
Rune of Burning/Rune of Forging

Grudge Thrower - 140 pts
Rune of Accuracy/Rune of Penetrating/Rune of Reloading

Organ Gun - 120 pts

Total - 1998 pts


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