Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Waaaghpaca Display Board Tutorial Part 2

I removed the "Board Dudes" logo at the bottom right corner of the cork board with nail polish removal and covered the frame with blue painters tape.  I painted the entire board with 2 coats of Charcoal paint from Delta Ceramcoat (available at most crafts stores).  I used a cheap 1" goat hair brush and put the paint on with a stippling motion to reduce visible brush strokes on the wide, flat surfaces.  I also paid particular attention to get a solid coat on the textured areas to hold them in place for the dry brushing that followed.
I heavily painted the entire board with Dark Gray paint from Craft Smart (available at Michaels).  As in the previous step I used a stippling motion on the flat surfaces and heavily over brushed the textured surfaces to almost completely cover the Charcoal base coat. 

Next I highlighted the entire board with Light Gray paint from Craft Smart.  I strategically stippled on the paint on the flat surfaces to get a higher concentration of paint near the edges of each flat area.  I also dry brushed the textured areas leaving some of the Dark Gray showing through. 
The final highlight was completed using Drizzle Gray from Delta Ceramcoat.  The paint was applied using a very light dry brush exclusively on the edges of each flat area including the textured portions.  It gave gave each flat area the appearance of going from dark in the center to light at the edges. 
After painting the rocky portions of the display base I painted the wooden elements of the display board with Charred Brown followed by successive highlights of Earth and Bone White (Vallejo Game Color).  I also painted the wooden portions of the resin pieces in the same color listed above.  I painted the resin bases with Cold Gray highlighted with Stonewall Gray followed by Wolf Gray (Vallejo Game Color) to tie it into the display board.  I sealed the display board and resin pieces using one coat Krylon Clear Flat followed by two coats of Testors Dullcote.  Finally I painted the sides and back of the foam with Charcoal gray and removed the painters tape.   
After touching u the frame with Black from Craft Smart (available at Michaels) I designed a simple title block for the display board in Photoshop.  Next I printed it out and mounted it to a piece of black foam core which was attached to the display board with super glue.
I added a few Winter Tufts from Army Painter taking into account where the units and resin pieces would fall. 
To give the mine shaft entrance more depth and a 3D look I created a simple shadow box using 1" extruded polystyrene backed by black foam core.  I then replicated the same beam supports as on the entrance and added some texture along the bottom.  I painted the elements of the shadow box to mach the rest of the display board and lined the sides and top with aluminum foil. 


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