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Waaaghpaca 2012 - On Being a Slippery Eel

I just got back from my first ever Waaaghpaca.  I had an absolutely amazing time.  Due to the scoring system, I decided to dust off the woodies and even created a few new units for those.  First up, a pic of 1 of the Glade Guard units I created for this army.  Also, the level 4 sorceress.  Thanks to Paul Wagner at for the nice lightbox pic.

Other than building new units, there were a few other planning items needing completed for the trip.  There was an award for the best club and all members would receive $20 off next years WaaaghPaca entry fee.  You needed a banner, a slogan and > 2 members.  Tom had recently been to the Northstar GT and picked up some T-shirts from the local "Kum & Go" gas stations.  Given the crowd, he ordered some more t-shirts and the Sexy IL Boyz were going to be dressed for success.  An extra shirt was attached to a Banner pole that Mr. John Wenger brought up (one of our boyz) - but sadly I forgot to bring it up.  Our motto was "Kum & Go - I came & went!".  Members = Me, Tom M., Rob Phaneuf, John Wenger, Jeff Tupper, and John Wiltse.

Rob P. drove up to my house Thursday night from Memphis and we managed to get 2 games in (regardless what he writes in his blog post, the second game was HIS idea).  I thoroughly punished him for being a dwarf in both games.  GREAT SUCCESS!!!!  (*did I mention I dislike dwarves?  It's McClures fault)

My list - 2K Woodies
Lvl 4 Sorc - Life /w Dispel Scroll
BSB - Aysendi's Bane & HoDA
12 Glade Guard - Std / Muso - Banner of Eternal Flame
11 Glade Guard - Std / Muso
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
5 Treekin
3 Treekin
6 Wild Riders with Std
Great Eagle
Great Eagle
2k exactly - no protection on mage, kinda risky but never mattered in any of my games in tourney.

I did get a few practice games in with Tom & Tupper which really helped.
This is a link to the Waaaghpaca website for anyone interested.  Interesting rules pack / scenarios.

I drove up Friday with Tom, John Wiltse, Tupps, Phaneuf and we arrived around 3:00.  Plenty of time to hang out, relax and possibly get a practice game.

I got in a practice game with Chris Yu (*I was waffling at first because I was tired and it had gotten late, but I took the game.  I'm glad I did as it was invaluable practice for the tourney).  Here is a pic of his gorgeous orc army.

Lvl 4 Savage Orc Shaman with Shrunken Head + Scroll
Black Orc BSB with Armor of Destiny
40 Savage Orc Biguns xhw - Full Cmd
40 Black Orcs - Full Cmd + Flaming banner (eeks)
30 strong Squig Herd - 18 Squigs, 12 gobs
2 Wolf Chariots
5 Wolf Riders
Doom Diver

I was fairly terrified by those hordes.  I knew the only way I could ever beat them would be to completely surround them.  I also figured that would be very difficult.

I don't remember a lot of details from our Friday night game except the following;
He showed my the power of the spell The Hand of Gork when he 'teleported' his black orc horde behind my lines.  On my next turns I started moving towards his S.Orc horde to get away from his BO Horde.

I managed to later rear charge that unit with Dryads.  The dryads ended up in the forest.  His failure to kill them all (Or my insane ability to make 5+ Ward saves) left me able to tie him up with multiple Stubborn 8 tests.  On my next turn I was able charge my Treeman into the BO flank.  The dryads staying alive and now engaging on 2 fronts prevented his combat reforms which ultimately kept my treeman alive.   I broke the unit turn 6 and ran it down which gave me the win.  The guy is beating me for 5 turns and a big swing changes the game.  THIS is something I love about 8th edition.

On to the tourney reports... or what I would like to call

How to be a Slippery Freaking Eel by Domus

Game 1
Patrick Brynildson - Lords of War (MN)

Scenario = Blood & Glory except break point was modified to 1

His list
Savage Orc Warboss - Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!
Goblin Great Shaman - Lvl 4 -  Scroll / 4+ WS
Savage Orc Shaman - Lvl 1 - Shrunken Head
Black Orc Big Boss - BSB - Armor of Destiny
30 Savage Orc Boyz - Full Cmd
30 Night Goblins - Full Cmd - nets - 3 Fanatics
2 Mangler Squigs
2 Pump Wagons
29 Black Orcs - Std / Muso

I was digging through my stuff for a pen at the start of the game and I came across the foot of Gork template I had received at last year's .   I never, ever can see myself doing an O&G army and I am always looking for someone without one to hook up.  Most of the IL players own one as Chris M. in Chicago had them made up and sells em relatively low cost.  Anyways, I made Patricks day when I gave him this template.  (*good thing to, I'd need it here really soon)

I deployed GG in the center with a strong right flank of big trees.  All the fast stuff on the left flank.  Shooting dealt with Manglers early.  Pumpwagon charged 3 Treekin and the pumpwagon died.  WR moved around to threaten the goblin unit.  Eagles did what they do best, act as roadbumps.

I don't remember a lot of details and didn't take many pictures.  Dwellers won me this game as I was able to Dweller down the savage orc block and then shoot it down to 0.  The SO Lord on foot died easily to a round of GG shooting.  I'm not sure I coulda handled him in CC as that unit decimated my 3 man Treekin unit.  He was a super badass in combat.

I managed to hold up the Black Orcs with Dryads in a forest, stubborn.  Again.  Love this rule.  The Wild Riders ended up breaking the night goblin unit and headed towards the rear of his BO unit.  With his BO unit surrounded with treekin + treeman on the flank and everything else dead, Patrick conceded at the top of 3.  we had a great game and he smiled like a champ while I took apart his army.  Really, really great guy and we kept up all weekend.  I'd just like to say after that, I met quite a few of the Lords of War guys this weekend and found the whole bunch of them to be a great, laid back group of guys.

4 point win (this was max)

Game 2
Dan Ruud - P-Vegas Mafia (WI)

Scenario = Battleline  Modified
Major Objective = You had to deploy your Objective within 8" of center
Win = Your objective only 1 in the center
VP didn't matter - purely objective based

His List
Tz Herald - Loremaster of Light - Spell Breaker (*interesting choice)
Khorne Herald - Icon of Despair / Armor of Khorne
30 Bloodletters Horde Form - Full Cmd
30 Bloodletters Horde Form - Full Cmd
2 x 5 Fleshhounds
10 Pink Horrors
4 Bloodcrushers (incl champ)
6 Furies

I'm not sure Dan read the scenario.  I asked him if he did and he said yes, I even game him my copy to read.    
He was playing for VP but I only cared about the win condition and would sacrifice everything but the Man of Intrigue which deploys your objective.

Before we did anything I grabbed him and bought the guy a beer.  We had a tough game the last time we played each other at Blood in the Sun.  My lizard army brutalized the poor guy and I just wanted to erase any hard feelings he might have had.

Not a lot of details here but some highlights;
His Bloodcrushers and Fleshhounds spent the game chasing Wild Riders & Eagles on my left flank.  He also had 1 unit of bloodletters heading that way but after 3 turns it seemed like he caught on that I was just dancing with him so I had to prepare for him to reform and head towards the right flank where the rest of our armies were fighting.  I put my WR unit right in front of his bloodcrusher unit, staying 1" away, but so that he could only clip on the charge.  When he did charge, he had 2 in and I had 3 WR fighting.  He whiffed, I managed to do 2 wounds.  He proceeded to roll a 12 on his break test which popped the unit.  I never in a million years thought I would live in that fight.

I sacrificied an eagle by setting him up with a charge on it and holding.  I also had shield of thorns up on the eagle so I would get some wounds off on the letters.  He would then overrun into theTreeman and I would have 5 man Treekin unit ready to come in on my turn as well.  I ended up wiping out the Herald and his unit.  The other unit I suckered into killing some dryads while my shooting cleaned up the horrors and herald.

Dan had deployed his objective turn 1 which my eagle immediately collected.  I deployed mine turn 6 for the win.

Some pics

4 points for me (8/8) so far

Game 3
Chris Yu - NW2 (IL)
That's right.  A rematch.  On a very AWESOME table the Bear had made for this year.  I don't have a pic without armies but do have a few after deployment.

Scenario = Meeting Engagement Modified
Win Condition = Earn 1501+ VP from your opponent
Both players could 'earn' a win in this game.

His Army

Lvl 4 Savage Orc Shaman with Shrunken Head + Scroll
Black Orc BSB with Armor of Destiny
40 Savage Orc Biguns xhw - Full Cmd
40 Black Orcs - Full Cmd + Flaming banner (eeks)
30 strong Squig Herd - 18 Squigs, 12 gobs
2 Wolf Chariots
5 Wolf Riders
Doom Diver

The hat was part of his costume for the mustache competition.

Chris had to choose table side since he had the least amount of facial hair.  The scenario really hurt Chris in this rematch.  He rolled a 1 for both of his big hordes keeping them off the board.  The stone thrower was left off also.  This was huge for Chris' game.  To protect his 2 characters he deployed them back in the far corner of the board so that there would be no way I could march up and shoot them turn 1 if I 'stole' the initiative.  This also really hurt him later in the game as his SO unit was trapped behind an impassible column.

I believe I only had 2 units in reserve (Eagle & dryads).  It didn't have an impact for me.  I played hide the treeman behind an impassible column and failed to steal the initiative.

 I am having a terrible time remembering the details.  Turn 1 his SO unit came on behind the pillar and he hopped both characters in there.  The BO came out in the center and advanced.  The game swung again in my advantage when he IF the Foot of Gork turn 1.  He did stomp some treekin (it failed to stomp again) but he did roll a 12 and lost 2 levels + his only ranged spell (Foot).

I started sweeping around.  He kept pushing the BO forward and inching the SO over.  I just kept setting up to surround the BO unit when it hit my lines.  The eagles moved to kill the warmachines which his chariots were protecting.  His stonethrower misfired on its first shot and blew up.  He used his 1 re-roll (we got 1 per game - I didn't use 1 in either game 1 or 2) to re-roll that result.  Sadly, he rolled another 1 and had to remove the model.  Chris went for the Hand multiple times but I was able to scroll it or use the +5 dispel bonus from the scenario (You had to sing to get this... - which led to one of my craziest moments - I started singing "Did you ever know that you're my hero?  You're everything I wish I could be."  I then rolled the dice and looked at the result and sang some more "This song just gave me double 6's, cuz it is the wind beneath my wings."   I really, really, really needed that dispel as otherwise his BO horde was gonna park on my flank and roll up my entire army.

That left me in a great position and I was ultimately able to combo charge his BO unit with Dryads in the Rear, treekin in the flank along with my treeman in his flank (only due to a really crazy, incredibly "Pure Dumb Luck" position which was so close we got out a laser pointer to be sure - which was totally cool given the importance).  I also got 3 treekin up front as well.  Needless to say, that unit broke and was run down by everything at the bottom of 3.  With no more ranged attacks and no way for me to engage his SO unit in 3 turns we called it there.

3 pt win (I was only able to get 1200+ VP off of him and not 1501+ which was needed for full pts)

I do want to say that I really enjoyed both of my games against Chris.  He is very much a precision player and executes his moves very well and had the tactics to beat me both games.  He just didn't have "The Luck of the Dom".  :-)

This then led up to the Saturday night Shenanigans.

First off - Grant Fetters Man of Intrigue model - he really put this contest into Escalation but his model was well done.  (Lights & Music for the win! - It did win best Man of Intrigue)

Then, the Mustache competition was held.  I had this huge beard I'd been saving for many months.  (*I did shave last November after 4 months of growth and I just got ridiculously tired of it).  I got honorable mention in the Manliest Mustache section though!!!  Tom McClure ended up winning the "Creeper" award after taking a fake mustache and glueing green flock on it.  It was really freaking creepy - no pics to be had by me but I will post a link when I see one.

Johnny was in great form on Saturday.

Game 4
Jeremy Bush - Dark Elves - IWFB (IL)

Scenario = Battleline (modified)
Win Condition = Claim Table Quarters with Fortitude & claim more of them than your opponent

His List
Lvl 4 - Scroll - Dark Magic
BSB - Hvy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone
14 Xbows - Std 
14 Xbows - Std
5 Dark Riders xbows
5 Dark Riders xbows
20 Black Guard - FC
29 Executioners - FC - Tularis (He forgot about this totally in our game, I'm only seeing it now on his Army list)
Dual Hydras
5 Shades

I made a big mistake which cost me a point in this game.  I deployed my objective on my half of the table instead of his.  I just was trying to rush.  Jeremy was new to the game and things were progressing slowly.  I was worried early on (rightly so) that I wouldn't get my turns in.

I was really in rough shape from Saturday nights festivities (I think Jeremy was also).  I only remember sketchy details here.

He deployed his mage outside of a unit but within 3" of a unit.  I got turn 1.  BSB moved out and fired the HoDA on her.  8 wounds were caused.  7 look out sir rolls were made.  Lesson learned.

I advanced on him and mid-game got a throne of vines up.  I then cast an IF Dwellers on his Black Guard killing 13 of them.  I rolled a 1 for the Throne of Vines roll.  I used my re-roll here and got a 3.  I'm pretty sure this moment broke my opponents soul.  He didn't take it well and made comments all of which I simply attribute to his newness.  

It also didn't help that I was his first WE opponent or that he was surprised by some of the rules I used to my advantage (Swift Reform for instance).  I did laugh inside though when the guy playing double hydras told me how broken the Treemans' strangleroot attack is in game.  

After the game, we did have a chat and I told him that he has to take that stuff in stride and not let it 'break his soul' like that.  Everyone has to learn this lesson sometime and it's always a tough pill to swallow.  The first is the worst.  

We worked it all out in the end but only got through  4 turns.  With 2 more I would have had the game wrapped up but I only managed to score 2 points this turn (we had an equal # of table quarters).  I did have his level 4 in a unit fleeing at the end of the game but the Rodge ruled that those 3 points of Fortitude still counted.  

It was a really good game and this guy is already a good player early on.  If he can keep working on his painting (he had a few units nicely done but had to borrow the rest from friends) and can work on rolling with the tough punches this guy could be a real contender in time.

2 points for me

Game 5
Jason Swanson - Lords of War (MN)

His List
Beastlord - Sword of Battle / Armor of Fortune / Crown of Command
Wargor BSB - Gnarled Hide / Beast Banner
Bray-Shaman - Lvl 2 Beasts / Chalice of Dark Rain
Bray - Shaman - Lvl 2 Shadow
30 Bestigor - FC - Eternal Flame Banner
38 Gor - FC - Horde Form
40 Ungor - FC
Razorgor Chariot
5 Harpies
5 Harpies
5 Ungor Raiders

I was back on the table I had played Chris Yu on in turn 3.  Jason had exactly as much chaff as I did and I wasn't able to get an upper hand in the deployment phase.  

He also got the 1st turn which allowed him to advance on me in a big way.  This really hurt my chances of 'enveloping' his units the way I need to for the win.  I charged my eagle at his Shadow mage in an attempt to knock him out.  I did cause only 1 wound.  He then charged my unit of 5 treekin with both his big Gor Herd and razorgor chariot.  He failed his primal fury rolls and the treekin did enough wounds to only lose by 1-2 and managed to stick around.  I was sweating a bit at this point, make no mistake.

I charged the treeman into the front of that ongoing combat in my next turn.  He rolled snake eyes on primal fury and was frenzy + hatred.  He also had Wyssans Wildform up.  He caused enough wounds for me to need snake eyes on the treekin.  They failed and were then run down by the now freed up razorgor chariot.  The treeman held.  The next turn the treeman was reduced to 2 wounds remaining but did enough wounds to only be losing combat by 1.  I rolled my thunderstomp and got a 1.  I busted out the re-roll and got 4-5 wounds, broke the unit and ran it down.  I was being a great guy and did let him deploy his objective anyway after he forgot on his turn giving him a major objective (1 pt).

On the otherside I'd fed the bestigor units but they had worked there way around to threaten my last remaining glade guard unit containing both my BSB & Sorc.  On my turn, I advanced forward (away from the Besties in my DZ) 10".  I was now 12" away from that unit.  *This is where I made a huge mistake - see below.    He charged on his turn, I fled and ran 3".  He needed a 10 and got it on his roll which swung the game back.  I later mopped up his other mage and some small units and managed to swing the game back to a draw by 50-ish points (in his favor).

What I should have done here, is move my BSB out of the unit up in front of the Bestigor.  Sacrifice my BSB 232 points (with BSB Bonus) to save 550 points (Sorc + unit + banner which was worth 100 in this scenario).  Unfortunately, I didn't see this in game and thought about it on the way home.  This mistake cost me the award I was coveting - The Silver Pumpkin.  I would have tied for first place otherwise (but lost the tie-breaker due to lower Battle points) and ended up second place with 52 points.  The Silver Pumpkin award was created basically "In my honor" after I went to a number of tournies during 7th edition and netted a metric boat load of 2nd place finishes but no wins.  It even says "The Domus" on the pumpkin.

I can't complain though.  Jason gave me an AMAZING technical game and he commands the movement phase in the same fashion that I do.  His chaff + 1st turn put me in a spot I wasn't used to being.  I felt like I was playing Miel Vermulen who is one of my long standing favorite / toughest opponents.

2 pts for me

I ended up in 4th place overall and had an absolutely amazing weekend.   There were so many beautiful armies at this tourney that it was unbelievable.  Some pics for you of the ones I really liked.

The tourney was very well run and I only have a few comments.  

Players Choice voting was between game 2 & 3.  My game 2 ran almost full time.  Lots of folks had finished early and had begun voting before many of us set up our armies or setup the man of intrigue models.  Not that I had a chance in either category (my army is old news) but it might have hurt some other folks.  Voting shouldn't be allowed to begin until all are setup.

I also missed that there was no mysterious terrain.  All the terrain was played as mundane.  It doesn't ALL need to be mysterious but some should be.  

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the scenarios.  I love winning on victory conditions.  It forces you to change your playstyle and adapt.  It can be very difficult.  They were published early also.

Will I go again?  100%.  I'm already planning my next army and Man of Intrigue model.  

Great weekend with a lot of old friends, and quite a few new ones, that I desperately needed after having a couple of stressful months at work.  

Look for more content from me soon as I ride the wave of this influx of Warhammer enthusiasm.



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