Friday, January 6, 2012

Steel Inserts for Table War Case

Work continues on outfitting the case for safe travels to Waaghpaca at the end of the month.  My first attempt was to use magnetic sheeting with an adhesive backing mounted to a diorama tray.  The plan was to glue metal plates to the bottom of the movement trays to get them to stick to the magnetic sheeting.  I won't bore you with the details but its suffice to say that it didn't work.  :(
As is usually the case with my projects I moved on to Plan B.  Models are magnetized to the movement tray as normal (magnets in the bases and steel insert in tray).  The movement trays have four small magnets in the bottom (one in each corner) that adhere to a steel plate that is dropped into the display boards.  The benefit of this is that the steel plate is recessed around 3/8" which means that even if a unit slides around during transport the unit won't fall off the display board.  The steel plate is not glued in so that I can change it out for diorama trays as needed.   

I had Robert over at Shogun Miniatures custom make the plates 420mm by 165mm based on the dimensions from the Table War website.  This works really well as it gives about a 1/4" of slop in each direction which makes change out easy.  So here is what the final result looks like. 



Richelieu said...

Rob looks good. I ordered some 12 Ga plates to do the exact same thing with my table war case. Glad to see they will work as well as I hoped.

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