Thursday, January 26, 2012

Small Table War Display Case

In preparation for Waaaghpaca I recently purchased a second Table War army transport to supplement my existing transport. This time I went with the half sized case which is designed to carry 2 display boards plus the removable drawer. Using the steel insert and magnetic movement trays I comfortably fit my entire 2000 point Dwarf army on 1 1/2 display boards. I estimate that this case could easily hold 3K points of Dwarfs.


Richelieu said...


retroalias said...

Yep I'm definitely a junkie! :)

Jacin said...

Where might one find one of those?

retroalias said...

Here is their website.

Raf said...

Now that the tournament is over, would it be possible to see these pics uncensored so we can get an idea of how much this case holds?

and if you get a chance, can you explain how the display boards, "unit washers" and trays all interact? the Tablewar site itself is not very helpful, or im retarded.

I bought one of these and now im thinking I may have to put in another order for trays and whatnot but im a bit confused how it all fits together.

retroalias said...

For fantasy:

Turns out you dont really need any of that extra stuff as you can simply cut a piece of sheet metal and drop it into the display board. The display board is recessed so I didnt even glue it in. Then just use magnets in the unit trays.

For 40k:

This what the optional stuff is for. They make unit trays with holes for 40k bases. 3 unit trays per display board. Unit trays have tin on the bottom and you glue magnets on the bases. Or you can make a custom unit tray by gluing in various plastic washers into an empty unit tray. there is a video by Les from awesome.paint jobs on gives some instruction.

Raf said...

I play fantasy so Im good then! Cheers for the reply Rob

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