Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rob's Waaaghpaca Battle Report - Game 2

When I found out to be playing Chris "Eagle Block" Yu I was very excited having heard of his legendary gaming exploits on Garagehammer.  Chris's Orcs and Goblins army is vividly painted in bright, high contrast colors with a display board to match.  This army also shows a remarkable improvement in painting ability since the fan favorite High Elves were unleashed at last year's Adepticon.  It's obvious he has dedicated a lot to improving in this area as I thought the skin tones on his Savage Orcs were excellent and the check work on this Black Orc Armor was awesome!  It's easy to see that Chris has spent some serious hobby time on this army and I'm eager to see what he will do next.  

Going into scenario number 2 I knew that making an honest attempt for victory would be challenging and would provide an all or nothing situation. My list is posted here and this was what Chris was rockin.
Lvl 4 Savage Orc Shaman with Shrunken Head + Scroll
Black Orc BSB with Armor of Destiny
40 Savage Orc Biguns xhw - Full Cmd
40 Black Orcs - Full Cmd + Flaming banner (eeks)
30 strong Squig Herd - 18 Squigs, 12 gobs
2 Wolf Chariots
5 Wolf Riders
Doom Diver
During deployment I set up everything 6-8" off the back edge on the left side of the table in typical Dwarf gun-line fashion. However, I did drop my warrior unit with the man of intrigue at the top of the deployment zone closer to the center of the table. My plan was to march this unit on turn 1 and drop the objective on turn 2 near a building provided I could survive any potential panic checks. For the shooting I hoped to knock out the Mangler and the Doom Divers early, and then shift to whittling down his horde units to make them more manageable. If the game went according to plan I would likely get 3 points. To score 4 would require my warriors surviving the Squig herd and the rest of my battle line breaking his horde units and being able to destroy his objective.

As it turned out the game did not play out in my favor seeing his war machines destroy the Grudge Thrower in turn 1 and his Mangler getting the cannon in turn 2. The shelling continued relentlessly until the mid game when a misfire blew up one and the miners killed the other after cutting through a Goblin Wolf chariot on the way in. However, by that time their effect had taken a real toll on my army.  Fortunately, the Rune of Balance coupled with his untimely magic rolls made his magic phase ineffective. I was able to deploy my objective though I saw it destroyed by the Squig Herd once they broke the warriors in two a few turns of combat. His Black Orc horde rolled the left flank annihilating the Long Beards in the process with his Savage Orc horde held off in reserve to the right. The Hammerer unit desperately charged the Black Orcs and was ruthlessly ground down to the Dwarf Lord. After making his break test without the aid of the Battle Standard Bearer the Black Orcs found themselves not up to the task of wounding a Dwarf Lord. This coupled with their low static resolution meant the Dwarf Lord was eventually able to break the Black Orcs. Of course at this point in the game I had a few miners left, a Dwarf Lord and an Organ Gun with one wound left. With very little models remaining and no hope of dealing with the remainder of this army or destroying his objective I conceded the game.

Final tally 4-3 battle points in favor of Chris.


TrekkerYu said...

Nice report Rob - and great game! Looking forward to playing again. An FYI for your readers, there was a moustache contest at this event - that is not my every day attire!

retroalias said...

Thanks, I look forward to our next meeting and hopefully I will fair a bit better! That picutre of you makes you look so EVIL!

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