Sunday, January 15, 2012

Khorne Ogres [WHFB]

Here are some WIP|Tutorial Shots of a Khorne marked Chaos Ogre unit conversion. Goal was to create a themed unit and have the weapons look like they would work as regular or great weapons:

Here are they basic components for each ogre...I built up the bases in order to give a solid base to build up rocky outcroppings onto.  I pinned the hands on in order to check poses, etc. plus it helps to strengthen the figures for game usage. The axe head is made from plasticard, the skull is an old GW shield Boss. I wrapped the handle with thread to simulate leather/cord wrappings. The small metal rings can be found at Michael's or the like in the jewelry section (they are a great accent bit, IMHO).

Test Assembly

I always test fit the components to make sure they will work in relation to the pose, etc.  Notice I shaved down the goofy pointed foot gear in order to build them up into some more appropriate chaos kicks.

Early Green Stuff

Here I added knee pads/plates and bulked up the boots to give the figure a more solid looking base. I like the Clod Hopper boot look for ogres vs. the Genie shoes that come with them on sprue, I do this with all ogres for my use. I filled in the stomach hole at this stage also. Note the banner pole thing was a test, it will go away later...

In unit... 

A little out of sequence, but we can work with it. I had already finished the other Ogres in the unit before I added the champ.  The helmets are Irongut helms with bits from Chaos Marauder Banners to mimic the khorne symbol.  They (the banners bits) are pinned so they will not break off in usage. I also converted the ironfists from left to right handed on the figure on the right. This was done by shaving the finger bits off of the ironfist  then shaving off the fingers I needed from a spare right handed weapon and glueing them in place where the old fingers were removed from the Ironfist. The armor is supposed to look like very thick leather cobbled to together, like an obscene apron. Not for everybody's taste, but I like it.  The round stud marks are made with a mechanical pencil with no lead in it. Easy peasy...


Here the Armor has been added...
Whole Unit and Custom Movement Tray

And here they are leaving,,,

I really strive to create units that tell a story and have a strong visual composition, in this case the hieght of the figures forms a focal point on the center of the unit.

And here is the completed unit... Bailed on the pole banner thing, it was too much. I used a very simple palette and numerous washes to create a grimy feel. Not golden daemon quality, but they'll do for the table top. Thanks for looking.


sonsoftaurus said...

Nice! I really like the helmet idea, that turned out really well.

Glad you've got a blog going, look forward to more new stuff and hopefully some retrospectives on older work as well!

jugger said...

Looking good!!!

Mr.Esty said...

Great looking helmets!

Cameron said...

Really cool. I love the armour!

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