Sunday, January 15, 2012

Greek City States [WAB]

Well, have to start somewhere...
Here are some shots of my Greek City States army I built for the 2010 Adepticon WAB Singles Events.  Army was created out of the original Armies of Antiquities supplement using Gorgon, Foundry, Black Tree Design (BTD), Aventine Miniatures (shields only) and Wargames Factory figures. I used Little Big Men transfers for the hoplite shield designs. This was my first full WAB army and it preformed better than I hoped. I tried to stay true to proper greek tactics and found that worked out pretty well for me. This army was also featured in Wargames Illustrated.

whole army laid out on my work area

Hoplites [BTD] and Peltasts [Gorgon]

General, Spartans [Grogon] and more Hoplites [BTD]

Close up of Hoplites [BTD]

More Hoplites [BTD]

General and Spartans [Gorgon]   

Even more Hoplites [BTD]

Slingers [Wargames Factory] 2 of these in the army...

Skirmishers w/Javelins [Foundry].  3 total like this in the army...

Oracle Dice Tracker 


PsychosisPC said...

The Dice Tracker is genius as a diorama add piece. Love the use of the shield transfers on this army, its a must in WAB armies of this type.

I'ld like to greeks at some point, but I just haven't figured out when I will have the time.

sonsoftaurus said...

Would love to have a hoplite army at some point. I agree that the shield transfers would be a must for me!

Very nice!

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