Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bretonnian Crusaders [WHFB]

Just before the release of 8th Edition, I was working on a Brettonian Army that was themed around the Crusades, 1/2 the Army was to be Crusading Knights, Pilgrims, and the like. The other half was to be Araby themed [converted from GW figs and still using Bret rules for the units, etc. "Enemy of My Enemy" was the working title for the army.  I had built most of the Araby Stuff, which I will post once I wrangle up the pictures. Then 8th ed. came out so the project sat...and sat.. then went on ebay to build the coffers for some WAB action. From the Bret side of the army, I did manage to build the Grail Knight unit... I really wanted to capture the fury of a Zealous Charge... reposing the figures in a more dynamic manner. By simply pinning the horses and some arms at slight angles you can really create variety and a sense of movement to the unit.  Notice the knight taking some fire in the front rank... you can see I used brass rod to lengthen and "de-Bret" the models a little.  The "de-Bret'd" Helms are a Chaos Marauder Heads, plastic disc [made by a hole punch] and black plastic doll eyes I found at Michael's. Going for a Knights Templar look, I added crosses with plastic strips to the Shields and the nose guards on the helms

I wanted the knight to look as if they are indeed on crusade, so added piles of kit to some of the models.  All in all, I really liked the whole feel of this unit [and the idea of the army].  Thanks for looking...


Chris said...

These guys are neat, they are clearly more of a historical route, at one point I wanted to make an Araby army based off of the Hordes of Chaos book. I was basing mine off of a more Arabian Nights fantasy setting. I was going to use war elephants as Chariots of Chaos and a djin as a Daemon Prince, all I ever finished was the djin and a Sorcerer on a flying carpet, but I really enjoyed working on them. After reading this I may have to dig them out whatever box they're languishing in and have another go at them.

Figurenschieber said...

Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing and show me more please!

Allan and Carmen said...

I really hope you finish this unit and post it.

I am just getting into the WAB and Historical gaming. I love the theme for the Brets though. The Conversion work is excellent!!!!

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