Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black Knight Plastic Kit Review

As I have a reasonably sized Mantic Undead army  which includes a unit of Black Knights I figured I would pick up a box of the new kit and build them as Hex Wraiths.  On my last trip down to the Memphis Factory Store I snagged up one of the new dual kits.  At around $30 I found the price to be reasonable considering the amount of pieces included on the 3 sprues in this kit.  When looking over the sprues the first thing that struck me was the amazing level of detail on these kits and how well everything is proportioned.  GW has maintained the look and feel of the newer plastic VC infantry kits and the older Tomb King skeleton horses.  From the heads down to the armor these new cavalry models are a perfect match for the plastics Grave Guard that came out a couple of years ago and I'm trying to figure out how to work these horses into my TK army.

After looking over the instructions and spures it appears that most of key components are shared between the two kit variants which means there won't be much leftover when the kit is built.  Also, in terms of the hex wraiths there are few optional components as you are instructed to build them exactly as depicted in the instructions.  So far I've built the horses and it was important to pay attention to how they rank up.  I'm very impressed with how easy they assembled which is a similar trait of the other plastic kits of 2011.   

I'm really looking forward to finishing assembly and getting them the painting table in the near future.  


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