Monday, January 9, 2012

Bastard Challenge #1 done (and dusted?)

Our very first Bastard's Challenge has come to a close! Like any good cause, we lost a few good men on the way. Let's take a look at the warhammerized toys of terror and get a glimpse into our contestants' cluttered minds.

Rogers :

After I primed this bastardess, I hit her with a layer of Walnut Brown. After that, she just sort of sat for a while, as I was not quite sure how I was going to get the wood elf colors onto this beast.

My arsenal was Khommando Khaki, Creamy Ivory, Skull White, Walnut Brown and Scorched Brown. Supplementing those was Gryphone Sepia and then P3 Brown and Red Inks for the Blood.

After a few days of pondering, I just put my head down and slogged in. I knew the bottom would be the lightest, in proper lizard / dragon / she-beast fashion. I did this first with the same creamy triad seen on many a Dryad and wood elf. I did not bother with a dip of Antique Walnut Satin on this gal. Instead, instead I used Gryphone Sepia with some Scorched Brown mixed in. The color and final consistency were so similar to a finished dip that I seriously pondered why I insisted on messing about with that sludge for every wood elf model prior. In any case, I think the belly skin turned out great and is quite eye catching.

So much so, that I took it easy on the main areas of skin. The main brown color is just a drybrush of Scorched Brown over Walnut Brown. Simple and effective.

For the spines/armor plates, I combined the drybrushing technique from the skin with the layering technique from the belly. I used the same colors I typically used for NMM and various bits and bobs on the previous wood elf models. I drybrushed the armor with a dark mix of Walnut Brown / Creamy Ivory and then picked out the details with a a lighter mix of Walnut Brown / Creamy Ivory.

After that it was just a matter of picking out the eyes and adding a bit of gory splatter!


Here's the bad boy. The lady I found the skeletor from on Ebay sent me the wrong one, she sent me the 2001 edition, which I thought was originally too large to fit on a chariot base, but having it in my hand made me realize it differently. So she got positive feedback and I moved on.

Converting wise time was really cramped on it but the conversion process was pretty smooth. I got a whole bunch of Tomb Kings to get done for an escalation league. So used brass rod, plastic bits and the old eye icon for the staff as planned, it seemed to work well. I would of liked more time to sculpt the staff and make it look more rocky. The scales were done with jewler's chain, magnets, fishing hooks, green stuff brass rod and profanity. The right scale looks really uneven. It's not uneven, my 104 year old residence is uneven. The chariot in the 3rd picture is for size their was 3 different materials used on the toy. A standard plastic that painted and was easy to work with, a hard rubber, used on gauntlets and leg coverings, that was pretty easy to paint, but hard to file. However the soft rubber for the head wrap and cock guard/belt was a pain in the ass, it absorbed paint, cracked even over night despite a priming. I likely put 10-15 coats of scorched brown on the front dangled bits. Looking back I think I would paint everything with liquid green stuff before the prime on the rubbery bits.

Missing in Action:

Rob "Pha's Protection" Phaneuf 

Just got in a bit over my head on this one, I guess.

Michael "Bloody" Gerold

Sorry guys, I forgot about my annual LARP campaign over winter break. "Melkior" doesn't paint models, he's too busy being a badass!

Parting Thoughts

In any case, that leaves two contenders for Bastard Challenge #1. Take a look at a few more pics and vote!


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