Wednesday, January 18, 2012

...and you never know what you will be asked to do. Voodoo Priest [WHFB]

The fun of doing commission work (besides a little coin to blow on toy soldiers) is that you will make things you never would normally do for your own collection.  So with that said, here is a Orc Voodoo Priest and Goblin Witch Doctor that I was asked to do.  The priest was to look like the Voodoo dude (same actor as the un-cola man from old 7up commercials, which you would know if you were a fossil like me) from the James Bond movie "Live and let Die". Witch Doctor was supposed to look "nasty".  For the Priest I used an ogre body as the base, and the with doctor has a zombie (or maybe a ghoul, I  forget) body as the base.  I did these over a weekend as the client needed them right away, so it was a bit of a rush job. 

Voodoo Priest

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor and Cauldron

More Witch Doctor


Mark Beardmore said...

these guys are awesome, very jealous

Chris said...

These look great, are they for 40K or Blood Bowl?

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks. @ Chris: Actually these were used for a special Orcs of the Caribbean Game [club ran game] at Baltimore Games Day a few years back. But they could work well for Bloodbowl or even a tropical Mordheim game.

sonsoftaurus said...

Ah ah ah!

PsychosisPC said...

Having seen a great deal of your stuff over the years, I don't think I have ever seen those.

Michael Butcher said...

I have few things that didn't make the light of day, for whatever reason. I have some "not so cool stuff" alao that I will post eventually, more than likely with the moniker of "...and what were they thinking?"

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