Monday, December 5, 2011

Table War Case - Review

Black Friday yielded many a nice purchase, but none were more exciting that my new Table War army case.  They had their cases marked down 25% for the big day and I sprung for a full sized blue case.  Over the years I've amassed quite the collection of Sabol Army Transport bags to the point I have Figure Foam coming out of my ears.  While they work great they simply suck for for hauling my army down to the Memphis Factory Store for some Saturday gaming.  Enter the Table War army case.  You pack your armies by the unit so setup at game time will be quick and painless.  Plus it ups the bling, which is never a bad thing.

It took about a week for the new case to arrive.  When it did I was a little shocked by how heavy the box is.  The is a MONSTER case.  It also came very well packed to protect it from damage.


The case comes with some pretty impressive design features and it's clear that a lot of thought went into this product by some serious gamers.   The removable acrylic front provides easy access to the case and keeps everything visible when buttoned up.  The top of the case flips open up to give a place to display army specific information (like background fluff) along with the army at tournaments.  The bottom pullout "drawer" actually seems to be pretty useful for carrying gaming materials like dice and rulebook.  This is actually contrary to my initial online impression in which I thought I would need the real estate for more models.  The pull out display boards also have a really neat feature ( much like the racks in an oven) for keeping them in place, even with the front door opened.  Finally, the components seem to be of good quality, especially the plastic "rack" on the inside of the case.  This along with the case's immense size is the reason for the hefty weight.

This is not to say that the case is perfect.  I don't really see the need for the locks.  My guess is that anyone that is going to steal your army will simply steal the whole case not just snag a few models. That is if they are able to lift the case.  Also out of the gate it does appear that the current product offering from Table War is very very 40K centric.  They have a ton of display board inserts for the round basers.  It would be nice to have a some inserts more tailored to fantasy unit trays or at least a metal insert that can be mounted directly into the display board.  That being said it's still early and I'm sure they will roll out more products down the road.  In the interim I've opted for some diorama trays which I will use to magnetize my units into the case.

 Now on to the really amazing part, you can store a LOT of minis in this case.  I've been able to pack my entire 2000 point Waaaghpaca army on about one and half display boards.  Granted this is a Dwarf army so it's a little more compact than most but it does appear that I will easily be able to put 5-6K points of Dwarfs in this case.  This can even go higher if I add some additional display boards, which is made possible because of the short stature of the Dwarf army.

So far I'm really digging this case and I'm excited to get the units mounted so I can give it a test run in the near future.  I'm also seriously considering getting the half sized case so I don't have to haul this beast around when playing smaller sized games.  Now what color should I get?


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